ProxMox Migration

Moving from ESXi to Proxmox

After running an ESXi hypervisor on my server for a few months I wanted to try something a bit different and installed Promox VE. The setup was much easier than when I set up ESXI, installing with no issues on my first try.

VM Migration

The main reason I stuck with ESXi over other solutions was the fact I had a few VM's set up and didn't want to deal with the hassle of needing to migrate them. After reading about Promox VE's 5.0 update I decided that I would give it a shot because they now offered the ability to import an OVF template. After backing up the VMs, I installed Proxmox onto my R710. Then I mounted a usb hard drive with my OVF files on them very easily as well. No issues there I crossed my fingers and ran the following command to import my VM.

qm importovf 101 MyVM.ovf local-lvm

After some time for it to create the VM I just had to add a network device to it and it started without a problem. After that I started to look into the containers offered by Proxmox and have been setting up different services and tools much faster than before. In addition, I have the ability to do automatic backups of VMs now, directly to a USB drive mounted on boot in Proxmox. Overall, Proxmox feels very powerful, and having all the "basic" features such as backups and no limits on hardware configuration make it seem like an execelent up.

Future Plans

As the migration ending up being much easier than I expected, going forward I am hoping to have a more robust backup system in place as well as starting a few more services to run on my server now that containers make running them seperatly a bit more efficient than having to possible combine services on a single VM and deal with downtime issues or the resource constraints of running many full VMs.

I am also looking at adding another node to my install and seeing what I can do with clustering in Proxmox, as that is also seems like a very useful tool.