5 Reasons Dental Implants Are Ideal Solution For Tooth Loss


    Lost teeth create gaps in the mouth which cause dental problems such as teeth crookedness and cavities. The gaps will make the teeth move on the arch, resulting in crookedness, bacterial growth, and loss of the remaining teeth. However, you can opt for dental implants to fill the space left by the lost teeth. An implant Chesterfield is made of an artificial root anchored deep into the jaw and a crown resembling the natural teeth. The implants are comfortable, solid, and stable and will promote better nutrition. These are the reasons implants are an ideal solution for lost teeth.

    They are Long-Lasting

    Most patients choose dentures due to the low cost of in installment. However, they are temporary and don’t provide similar longevity as dental implants. Dental implants are made of artificial roots penetrating deep into the jawbone. The artificial root keeps the crown in place, improving the chewing surface. Additionally, the crown is made of porcelain clay which is hard to chip and stain. Therefore you should choose dental implants as they are cheap in the long run as are a permanent solution for lost teeth.

    They Are Solid And Stable

    Dental implants are the most solid and stable restoration for lost teeth. They easily integrate into the jawbone like the other teeth. They will remain stable and solid even with constant use as they are firmly anchored in the mouth. Additionally, they promote better speech as the tongue and cheeks will not push them out of position easily. The alternatives, like dentures, are unstable and will not remain solid when eating or talking.

    They Are Comfortable

    Although you will feel uncomfortable during implantation, dental implants will feel comfortable once you are accustomed to them. You will choose dental implants with the same texture, color, and shape as the rest of the teeth. The dental implants will blend well with the natural teeth improving comfort and functionality.

    They Have No Dietary Restriction

    The dentures pose a problem when chewing food as they can move out of position. Therefore, if you always wear dentures, you will switch to soft food, which is easy to chew. On the other hand, dental implants are solid and firmly fixed into the jawbone, making chewing easy. The dental implants will not move out of their position at any point.

    It Retains The Jawbone Structure

    Dental implants are ideal for maintaining the jaw’s shape as they prevent bone loss. The artificial root will stimulate the jaw bone, producing new cells to replace the worn cells. The dentist will conduct a bone graft procedure if you have had any bone loss on the jaw before the dental implant procedure.

    Dental implants are a convenient solution for lost teeth as they are long-lasting and achieve desired results. They improve your smile and reduce oral issues such as cavities and further loss of teeth. You should have implants that look like the rest of the teeth on the arch. The implants are comfortable, and no one will notice them. Additionally, they retain the jaw structure by stimulating cell renewal and preserving your facial structures. Furthermore, they are steady and will accommodate hard food, thus promoting better nutrition. Although the cost of fixing the implants might be high, they are cheap in the long run.