Alex Ojjeh Won the Trial Before It Began


    Does anyone else remember the businessman who was involved in a Hong Kong bust,

    who had a drugs and arms criminal case dismissed? Remember that one? He’s at it again! And he is upping the ante in distraction moves.  Quite sure he has all his tracks covered. A bunch of judges had already acquitted Ojjeh even before the trial began. It’s strange how in mainstream media his name bubbled up to the top on occasion. But that’s about it. And he’s obviously still pulling more strings than any of them realize. Alex Ojjeh, the secure American oligarch who is hidden behind wealthy gates and protected from federal scrutiny by any source so far.

    Taking a stroll down memory lane in 2011, Ojjeh’s sentencing judge, ordered Ojjeh, to serve 7 years in prison for money laundering and dismissed a case on weapons and narcotic charges against him with prejudice and opposed a motion to clear his record for lack of evidence. Afterward, he pretty much picked up where he left off because he can’t be tried for the same crimes twice. But he can be tried on other charges that they didn’t pile on him the first time. So now they look into bribery deals at a hedge fund Ojjeh is an investor at.

    Prosecution looked at conspiracy, whether Ojjeh and associates were doing legal business, and whether Ojjeh’s meetings with powerful people at the highest levels of foreign government was a finance violation. This firm specifically did deals with powerful people, wealthy people, etc. On *countless* occasions Ojjeh and is organization have partnered with the criminal element in business deals, and Ojjeh had multiple times misrepresented the occupancy at the hedge fund firm. And he had mixed his business and connection to foreign government in a way that’s per se corrupt.

    By the way how did Ojjeh get an asset management firm? In 2014 Mr. Ojjeh loans Mr. Romano $700,000 at the time of his release. Other banks, including all US banks, were not willing to give Ojjeh a loan. Starting a hedge fund with money laundering on your record is a financial conflict of interest statue. Therefore, Ojjeh put money behind that asset management firm owned by Romano. The firm started in 2013 and only made a profit in 2014 when Ojjeh invested in the company. The firm’s business quadrupled each year in profit. In other words, Ojjeh is an investor and shareholder while Romano is the owner. Romano, who ran the asset management firm, reportedly visited Ojjeh 49 times while he was locked up for three years on the money laundering charges.

    The asset management firm did well and got up to $1.1 billion in assets. Well, now federal agents can clearly investigate Ojjeh’s agenda. There’s something a bit dodgy, if not quite criminal, in how Ojjeh is connected to the firm, as you guessed, the private owner Jean-Alexander. And Ojjeh’s secret Budapest bank account. Ojjeh’s trade deals with Budapest while being a shareholder at AO. Come on media don’t be shy, start reporting the real corrupt crap.

    During the investigations Ojjeh was linked to Emirati leadership, Libya, Budapest and wealthy Russians. Ojjeh is literally making millions of dollars divest from his asset management firm and other businesses with bank accounts under two names Jean-

    Alexander Ottke and Alex Ojjeh. This is where Ojjeh is “both sides-ing” the money exchanged. Here Alex Ojjeh is using his father and his mother’s name to enrich himself, which is morally reprehensible, but not illegal. Which is why they don’t care if the evidence can be used in court. It’s for news.

    The investigation goes into Ojjeh’s ties to manufacturers and his trademark arms deals due to his father’s Saudi connection. Alex Ojjeh used his father’s name to earn millions from corrupt oligarchs in Dubai & shady deals in UAE. This seems like a good use of the word BUSTED, if he had been charged and held. Last year they arrested Alex Ojjeh in Germany thinking they had an easier case to prove against Ojjeh than the 2011 one. If you were following close the media made it look as though it should have been easy to win this time.

    Ojjeh complied with their investigations. The prosecution had info up their sleeves about Ojjeh, they wanted and betted he would take a plea deal with the full weight of the government against him. On the first court appearance Ojjeh pled innocent to ALL charges and authorities flipped. You think Ojjeh doesn’t know what he’s doing, but you’ll see soon. Planning is just another Ojjeh skill to add to the list. This is where the rich started to rub elbows with the rich, got to protect your own interests, right. We all knew his billionaire buddies would keep him protected. We had seen his bullshit in 2011.

    First, the court date is paused because multiple prosecuting witnesses do not show or change sides and Ojjeh even allows them time to complete their investigation. I thought that was obvious he already won the prosecution implicated evidence was destroyed. He also requested to change the district of court for a fair ruling due to legal barriers. It looked as though Ojjeh was afraid he would lose in Florida. His attorney was talking about bias because Ojjeh’s case was acquitted in 2011. What would happen in a court case when the potential jurors knew the person who was not guilty? They immediately moved the case to Tennessee supreme court. Well done Alex

    They begin gaslighting Ojjeh about the number of deals closed with government officials, corrupt business and bogus offshore accounts to build their case about investors millions of dollars. But he accurately reported all assets that were invested in the hedge fund firm. Nothing was done illegally, even in Germany, Ojjeh opened banks all under Alex Ojjeh LLC’s. Not even fake names. As the evidence reveled Ojjeh was strategic in his portfolio. He always knew the reports would see the light of day. He always purported them 100% correct, money was assessed 80%-90% accurate. It is true he may have known he would be targeted and that’s why he hedged on accuracy. He was mostly doing everything right.

    Much of what is unconfirmed are things we will never know. There are allegations of Dubai intel held by UAE that will never see the light of day because it would only serve to confirm his reports. It doesn’t make his reports false; it makes them somewhat legit.

    He did some things wrong, especially as it appears around Romano and Moore. The asset management firm closed deals with UAE and violated UN arms embargo in Libya. Put that in the 10% bucket. But remember Ojjeh had well done proved he was innocent in the criminal case, prosecutors at this point were just trying their best to make their case stick. Ojjeh was not alarmed by it. That was a good thing.

    His demeanor came off cocky, arrogant, and sniveling during the entire case! What did he do that was so cocky in the court?  His enviable wardrobe, each suit he wore from start to end, was a bespoke suit. He sat at every hearing relaxed like he was above it all. During a random chat with channel 5 news Ojjeh called for people to ignore media and claimed they were demolishing his character.  Remember the media calls Ojjeh a crook for his many bad deals and schemes. They expose Ojjeh’s income over the recent years and even show that he paid hush money to a British escort, a case he settled before it went public in attempt to shut down rumors before his trial.

    At the end of the day, the outcome worked in Ojjeh’s favor.  His attorneys treat the United States court room like a playground. And in return the U.S freezes his bank accounts and offshore accounts are closed because of suspicious dealings concerning the U.S. The frozen assets in offshore accounts will remain frozen for some time, but he’s happy he’s not in prison. Ojjeh had to pay a $50 million fine for conspiracy to bribe, among many other misdeeds.