Anderson Law Firm-Testimonial 4


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We could not have been more pleased with the level of service Anderson Law Firm provided us and would recommend this place to anyone seeking affordable, efficient and highly responsive representation regarding real estate matters. With the help of the counsel from the lawyers of this firm, we closed a complex deal of our condo that was had multiple layers of negotiations with banks and other parties, the whole idea was wearing us out. As my husband and I are retired and could not deal with the over demanding task of selling a property.

Anderson law firm became our recourse in the time of test. They very aptly dealt with all the dispersed pieces of the deal we managed to get in Marbella and kept moving taking all the parties on one page. Communication is the main juncture of seizing a successful deal and the whole firm is very serious about the quality of communication they provide and how they knit together all the stakeholders. Cannot say more about their commendable communication skills each and every individual form the firm holds. They all had a practical and result oriented approach. As we had no knowledge regarding buying and selling home, we were too vulnerable to get fleeced, but the honestly and concern with which we were dealt cannot be found any where as especially if you are looking for services in this business.

As a valuable advice that I wished I had before I made the decision of selling my property, if you are thinking you can shrug off any assistance from the law firms or individual lawyers, this cannot be the case. There needs to be someone you can seek legal guidance from because people can get fooled easily. For people who are selling or buying properties and have no real market insight cannot risk sailing alone in this industry. You need law to take care of your interests and to represent you powerfully, in which case you can completely trust this law firm. Real estate is no place to sail alone.


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