At-Home Teeth Whitening or Professional Teeth Whitening – Which One Is Better? 


Teeth whitening is a procedure in which the teeth are bleached using chemical agents. The potency of the agent determines the extent of bleaching. Several reasons may lead to discoloration of the teeth. Moreover, before getting a teeth whitening treatment, one must be well aware of the cause of their teeth discoloration. 

To understand the cause of teeth whitening, one may consider contacting a professional Ankeny dentist. Their experience can help patients understand which of their habits lead to discoloration of their teeth. Moreover, once the cause has been determined, a patient must quit that habit to sustain the results after teeth whitening. 

Causes of teeth discoloration. 

Different patients have different causes of teeth discoloration. A smoker may have severely discolored teeth, while a coffee consumer may have minor discoloration. Moreover, genetics also plays an important role when it comes to discoloration. The common causes of teeth discoloration include as follows:

  • Wine. 
  • Dark drinks. 
  • Coffee and tea. 
  • Cigarette smoking. 
  • Genetics. 
  • Age. 
  • Dental injuries or traumas. 

Who is eligible for teeth whitening, and how does it work? 

Teeth whiteners contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Both of these work to break down the stain into small pieces. This reduces their concentration and, in turn, makes teeth appear much brighter than before. 

If a patient has brown teeth or dental implants like veneers, aligners, etc., or is sensitive to teeth whitening agents, they may not be a good candidate for teeth whitening. 

DIY methods of teeth whitening. 

Minor cases of tooth discoloration using bleaching agents available over the counter may help. However, these agents are not potent, and results may not last for a long period, and patients may not be delighted with the results. At-home teeth whitening using whitening toothpaste Or gels may take a very long time to give results. 

At home, teeth whitening takes time and does not provide 100% results, but it is a cost-effective product available in the market used for teeth whitening that may cost 50$ or less. 

Professional teeth whitening. 

Professional teeth whitening uses potent bleaching agents containing peroxides. The procedure may last for one hour. The results achieved are immediate or visible in a few days. Moreover, the results are long-lasting and highly effective. Still, it is a little expensive compared to other at-home teeth whitening methods as professional teeth whitening procedures cost 300$ and more.