Awesome Reasons to Hire a Public Adjuster


Mold contamination needs to be cleaned and managed properly, after a natural disaster. Mold can get under the floor or into the walls or even end up in the tiniest of spaces. Mold is capable of destroying everything from electronics to wooden beams. The cost for mold damages will depend on the extent of the destruction. If the entire wall needs to be replaced, then the cost can be skyrocket.

A policyholder will need to hire a public adjuster or a claim adjuster as soon as mold contamination is identified. Waiting for long can worsen the situation and jeopardize claim validity. Your claim can either get rejected or potential payout can get substantially lowered.

Determining whether the mold contamination is covered or not, can be a tricky task. The chances that the policyholder may not have the whole insurance policy copy. Besides, the actual claim process is intricate, which can mislead the policyholder without professional guidance.

Reasons to hire claim adjuster for mold contamination claim

  • Missing or improper documentation
  • Missing on full compensation
  • Not aware of protections and rights
  • Overlooking evidence documentation
  • Claim misrepresentation
  • Rejected claims

Every document including the damage extent and even water intrusion source needs to be documented. Disposing contaminated property impulsively can cause claim rejection. However, a claim adjuster collects video and photographic evidence to ensure everything gets recorded correctly.

Besides documenting there is plenty of legal work that needs to be accurately filled, signed, and presented to the insurer on-time. In this emotional situation, handling legalities can be confusing and frustrating on your own.

A claim adjuster lifts this burden and ensures that the property owner does not get rejected for material discrepancies or misrepresentations or concealment of evidence. Misrepresentation can be a little discrepancy like damaged property cost being overestimated.

The legal terminology and the claim process are well-understood by the claim adjuster, so you don’t need to read through the technical jargon and decipher the clauses.

Hiring claim adjuster is helpful

Mold damage claim is a stressful process. It offers peace of mind to have a supporter to help you navigate clearly out of the troubled waters. You can concentrate on getting your wreaked life back on track when a public adjuster from Miramar represents you. Visit the website and contact an expert!


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