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A bid protest is a procedure where the government contractor questions a certain contract to another contractor. If one finds that a contract that a proposal was given on a company was unfair or suspicious one can file a protest. In a government contracting many things are bound to happen especially in the breathing process which is a very crucial state that any government project goes through. The protest can take many forms from other and oral complain to a contracting officer or a more formal written letter. It is often better to start with either and oral complain or letter. There are three different levels of bid protests-

  • Agency level complaints
  • GAO complaints
  • The lawsuits

The requirements

Before a bid protest may be filed at any level, by bid protest attorneys several requirements must be met.

  • Firstly, standing to file a bid protest

A bid protester can only be filed if they are an actual or prospective bidder. The bidder must have been affected by the defective bidding process under complaint.

  • Secondly, it is required to file it timely

A bid protest must be filed within 10 days of knowing the places for a protest. This is usually 10 days after the protest with the terms of the contract.

  • Thirdly, the grounds of the bid protest

It can be only made based on a claim deficiency in the bidding process. The whole process must be fair and impartial. If the bidder does not believe that a process was there, then he can file protest. However, a bidder cannot file a protest simply because the bidder did not win the contract.

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Why file a protest?

There are many different reasons that various businesses and companies like to file a bid protest. There are many cases but the bi protests are filed because the business filing the big protest did not win the contract. It can result in the overturning of a contract bid. A bid protest can also be used to seek information about the bidding process a subsequent similar contracts. If a contractor loses a bid, it can file a bit protest as a pretext for determining exactly what the government is looking for in with submissions to succeed the next time and win the bid. It protects can also be file as part of the largest strategy to pursue future government contracts.

 How to seek legal with the bid protest attorneys?

Filing a bid protest includes the involvement of an experienced bid protest attorneys. If the company does not hire legal counsel to assist in the preparation of the bid, the business should consider hiding and a bid protest attorneys to assist in the protest. While searching an attorney to file a bid protest, one should know that the government contracting law is a complex area. Not every attorney knows how to find a bid protest. In general, one should seek out an attorney or law firm with extensive administrative law experience in government contracting.

What is the bid process?

The bid process generally proceeds in this way-

  • Request for proposal- When the state wants to hire out a company for goods or services, it publishes a request for proposal.
  • Public bidding- After this the state receives bids from companies interested in the work.
  • Evaluation- The state will then evaluate the bids and award one company the job.

How does the bid protest attorneys help?

  • The attorney helps the clients with bid protest that arises from competitive bidding. These include lack of low bidder bid responsiveness, completeness of bid or failure to comply with stated goals.
  • Relief from bidding errors.
  • Changes that occur after submission of a bid.

What is the role of the bid protest attorneys?

The law bid protest attorneys are highly familiar with the complicated system of bid protest and regular advice at every stage of the critical process. In case the client is the lower bidder and is being challenged, the attorney can assist in defending the bid. They assist in-

  • Competitive bidding
  • Submission and evaluation of bids
  • Mandatory bid protest procedures and limitations of time
  • Bid errors
  • Bid bonds
  • Bid contract disputes
  • Public contracting issues
  • Costs and risks of a bid protest

A law firm can advise on the applicable time limits, evidentiary requirements, business implications for these claims. It is important to interpret the requirements for government construction contracts which are a complicated task and figuring out governmental bid protests is more complex. If the client is bidding for a public project, it is necessary to have a legal representation that fully understands the business, construction industry and operative conditions of a government bid protest claims.

How to choose the attorney?

To hire bid protest attorneys one can ask the family and friends to refer the lawyers so that they can fix appointment and have a face to face meeting with them. This can give a better idea about the nature of the lawyers and approach towards the case and customers. The fees of the lawyer should also be settled on the first meeting so that there are no complications later on.

One can also signed an agreement after selecting the so that there are no heated discussion regarding the future. The optimism, motivation and confidence of attorney can easily be used at the confidence in the customer. The degrees, number of cases for what also determines choosing the bid protest attorneys.


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