Car accident in Ontario, CA: You need an injury lawyer


The number of auto accidents reported in California is considerably higher than in many states. Although unfortunate, on-road mishaps are rather common and can happen to anyone. If you end up getting injured in a car accident in Ontario, you should consider seeking legal representation. California has very claimant-friendly laws and is a tort state. If the accident happened because of one driver’s fault, they are liable for the losses incurred by the injured. When laws are simple and in favor of claimants, why would you need an Ontario, CA personal injury lawyer? We have a few pointers below for your help. 

Your fault could be a key factor

What if you share the blame for the auto accident? In California, the state laws allow you to recover money from the other at-fault party, even when you are more to blame for the crash. However, your settlement is dependent on several factors, including your fault share. Let’s say that you won $500,000 in a settlement for your injuries and losses but were also 50% at fault. You can only recover $250,000 from the other party.

If you believe that you have a share in fault and that can impact your claim, consider getting legal advice from an car accident attorney dallas tx. Lawyers know the California auto accident laws and can use their expertise accordingly. They can also help evaluate the worth of your case and what you can hope to get in a settlement.

Negotiations are usually complicated

Typically, you will file a third-party claim with the at-fault party’s insurer. The claims adjuster will review your claim and may call you to offer a settlement. The first offer is typically much lower than what a claimant should get, and it makes no sense to accept that. If you have no experience negotiating with insurance companies, let an attorney take over. Insurance companies do not have any empathy for victims and often go to any extent to reduce their burden. Without an attorney, you may accept an offer that doesn’t justify your suffering and losses. 

Injuries that can impact your life

It is not rare for people to suffer serious and catastrophic injuries in car accidents in California. If you have suffered injuries that can impact your life, career, and lifestyle, lawyering up is a wise idea. Your claim could be much higher than the immediate losses and medical bills, and you may have to file a direct lawsuit against the at-fault driver.