Cargo truck accidents, on the whole, are more complicated than those involving individual vehicles. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you owe it to yourself to consult with a knowledgeable Manhattan, KS Truck Accident Attorney about your legal options. The following factors complicate truck accidents:

  • Passenger cars are smaller and lighter than trucks. Empty tractor-trailers typically weigh 10,000 pounds; a complete vehicle may weigh as much as 81,000lbs when fully loaded. It is more challenging to repair a larger car.
  • Most trucking companies have substantial defence budgets. A freight firm employs knowledgeable attorneys and even accident investigators to protect themselves and their drivers.
  • Multiple parties are often involved in the operation of a truck in Manhattan under New York state law. This implies that one or more parties may be held responsible for an accident.
  • When it comes to legal issues involving trucking accidents, several rules and guidelines do not apply to collisions involving passenger vehicles. For example, in a truck accident litigation, it will be necessary to examine a plethora of records kept by drivers and owners.
  • If you decide to work with Cellino Law, we’ll do all in our power to get the documents you need and keep them safe from tampering. All pertinent evidence, including the debris of an accident, will be obtained by court orders. Contacting the trucking business, we’ll ask for as much information as possible from the vehicle’s logs. An Event Data Recorder (EDR) is a device that, like an airplane’s “black box,” records information about an accident. If the vehicle were outfitted with video cameras, we’d also get the footage from those cameras.
  • Every person involved in the accident will be asked to provide detailed statements by our truck accident investigators, including business workers and any other relevant parties. You can help us precisely determine what occurred and who should be held responsible by providing as much information as possible.

To guarantee that we have a complete picture of a crash, we’ll enlist the help of accident reconstructionists and forensic scientists. A team of experts like these will use cutting-edge technology and all available data to recreate the disaster. If your case goes to court, they can also present testimony and animated reconstructions.

Commercial Truck Regulations Enforced By Federal Law

Tractor-trailers are a significant contributor to traffic accidents due to the inherent dangers associated with their massive size, weight, and power. As a consequence of these developments, the federal government has imposed stringent restrictions on vehicles on public roadways. Trucks driving on public highways are limited to a maximum load capacity of 80,000 pounds per axle while transporting goods. If you are not authorised to operate for a living for a certain amount of hours per day and week, it is against the law to do so for a living. 

Truck owners are required by law to do routine maintenance on their vehicles and correct any technical flaws identified as soon as they are discovered. They safeguard all drivers, especially truck drivers, who operate on public roadways and are subject to these restrictions.

Unfortunately, many freight businesses are willing to disregard safety laws to maximise earnings. When it comes to breaking the law, some companies go so far as to urge their employees to do so.


People who have been injured or have lost property due to a truck accident deserve financial compensation. No one should carry the weight of another person’s carelessness or negligence when they get into a truck accident that was not their fault. Damages, pain, suffering, medical costs, and lost wages need financial assistance.