Custody, alimony, gains & clarifies follow-up matters.


While the court is still waiting for feedback from the pension insurance provider and is busy with pension equalization, you can submit further applications for ancillary matters such as maintenance, custody, rights of access, or equalization of gains. As with the actual application for divorce lawyer, you will also need a family law attorney for this.

Option 1: Divorce Consequences Agreement

In the best case, you have already agreed on all follow-up matters at the time of the divorce date, and a notarized agreement on the consequences of divorce is available. You can already draw this up during the year of separation and thus clearly speed up the divorce.

Option 2: Clarify follow-up matters in the divorce association

Without an agreement on the consequences of divorce, the court will clarify the subsequent matters with you. In addition, each ancillary matter increases the procedural value of your divorce, which in turn results in higher costs.

In principle, the ancillary matters should be clarified either out of court or in the divorce association. Therefore, the court will first try to reach an agreement or bring about a solution – even if this is not in the interests of both parties.

Option 3: Detach follow-up items

Under certain circumstances, however, it may be that the fronts are so hardened that the court does not see a timely solution. The regulation of ancillary matters would then drag out the divorce proceedings too much, which is why some ancillary matters are separated from the actual divorce in individual cases and negotiated in a separate procedure.

In many ways, this is the worst-case divorce scenario: it’s going to be a long process, plus you have to be prepared to face your ex in court after the divorce. This is emotionally very stressful, and in addition to that, you have to reckon with higher costs. Therefore, try to settle everything as peacefully as possible – even if this may seem difficult in the heat of the moment. In the end, you will benefit from this yourself, as you can get over the divorce more quickly and start your new life detached.

Divorce date and divorce decision

As time-consuming as the preparations for the divorce date is, it is over just as quickly. If you have done good preparatory work and have already clarified all follow-up matters, the actual court date is usually completed in less than 20 minutes. In this case, the court will only ask you how long you have been separating and whether you still intend to divorce.

 If you have complied with the year of separation and you and your current partner agree to the divorce, the court will announce the divorce decree. The divorce decree is often used here. If both spouses waive further legal remedies, the divorce is official with immediate effect. Once you have reached the written divorce decree, you can remarry.

If all follow-up matters have not been clarified before the divorce date, the court can adjourn the hearing. If only individual questions are clarified, and you and your current partner are in general agreement, the court will record these agreements. This protocol is equivalent to a notarized agreement on the consequences of Birmingham divorce attorney and is therefore binding.