Dealing with domestic violence? Call an attorney!


Even a threat of physical harm is considered domestic violence in Utah. Situations involving domestic violence are typically dangerous, and it is important to seek help. Securing your safety should be your first step. It is also equally important to call a Sandy domestic violence lawyer to understand the legal options. In this post, we are discussing the need and benefits of lawyering up. 

Seeking help on family law matters

Many cases involving any form of domestic violence are often associated with family law matters. Separating couples often argue and right over things like child support and child custody, which lead to confrontations. A spouse can file a case of domestic violence even when the other spouse has issued verbal threats. Laws concerning domestic violence are strict in Utah, and if you have a situation that involves family, you can expect unparalleled advice. 

Obtaining A Protective Order

If you fear serious harm or have been abused by your spouse/partner/cohabitant, you must consult an attorney to get a protective order. A skilled domestic litigation attorney can help get a protective/restraining order, which can keep the offender away from your home and family. Restraining orders may even prevent an offender from possessing a weapon of any kind. In some cases, a spouse may need temporary custody of minor children if the other spouse has committed domestic violence. If the offender has been stalking you or your family members, your lawyer can help get a stalking injunction. 

Advice on defense

What should you do if you have been accused of domestic violence? Your first step should be about seeking legal advice on your defense. Lawyers know everything that concerns the two parties involved in a domestic violence case. Just like they can help someone get a restraining order, they can also defend a client who has been falsely framed for domestic violence charges. 

Finding a good attorney

Numerous law firms in Sandy have domestic violence lawyers working for them. Before you select one, make sure that you do your homework with regard to their work profile. Find a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Van Nuys who has good reviews, is reliable and takes up domestic violence matters frequently in their practice. Also, ask about their fee. Most domestic violence and family law attorneys work on an hourly rate, and you can discuss the expected costs in advance. 

Don’t delay in seeking help for domestic violence because you don’t have to endure it.