Debunked Myths Concerning Hormone Replacement Therapy


Do you have a low sexual drive? Do you experience a lack of energy and hair loss? You could have a hormonal imbalance if you answer yes to those questions. Hormones are integral in controlling different processes in your body, such as reproduction and metabolism. However, as you age, the production of these chemical messengers in your body starts reducing.

Consequently, you start experiencing debilitating symptoms that interfere with your everyday aspects. The good news is that hormone replacement specialist Dr. Kalpana Desai can help you optimize your hormone levels. When seeking hormone replacement therapy (HRT), below are myths that you should never believe.

HRT Exists in One Form

Many people claim that there is only one type of hormone replacement treatment. Nonetheless, the truth is that with the advancement of modern medicine, there are different types of HRTs. Depending on your symptoms, the specialist may recommend an oral medication like Estratab pills. Also, you can lean on topical formulations such as cream to boost estrogen levels. The health care provider can sometimes recommend using oral and topical medications in certain proportions.

Hormone Treatments Are Unsafe

HRT safety is one of the people’s main concerns when pursuing these treatments. They claim that you will always get cancer after seeking HRT. Although excessive hormone administration can predispose you to cancerous growth, hormone therapy alone does not cause cancer. Individuals with a history of breast and prostate cancer should monitor their hormone levels closely. HRT will help minimize cancer risk in healthy persons by reclaiming healthy hormone levels.

HRT Is a Women’s Treatment

Some people continue propagating the olden belief that only female patients can benefit from hormone replacement treatments. This myth breeds from the high turnout of women seeking HRT to improve menopause symptoms. However, even men can experience hormonal changes as they age. For example, they will have low testosterone production, which triggers weight fluctuation and fatigue. In that case, men can seek hormone therapies to restore the quality of their lives.

All Hormone Treatment Works Similarly

You may think HRT is one size fits all, but you are mistaken. The hormone treatments, especially bioidentical HRT, work by addressing the patient’s unique needs. This instance is contrary to most synthetic treatments, which operate on one size for all basis. During the bioidentical HRT appointment, the specialists will effectively diagnose your hormonal imbalance symptoms. Consequently, they will develop a customized treatment plan to eliminate the natural aging symptoms.

HRT Is Unnecessary for Mild Symptoms

Sometimes it can be tempting to wait until the hormonal imbalance symptoms become severe for you to pursue treatment. However, this is a bad idea since the symptoms can worsen beyond your control. Therefore, you do not have to wait until your symptoms become more severe to begin hormone treatments. Once you notice night sweats, hot flashes, and irritability, you should seek HRT for timely treatment.

Hormones have vital roles in your body. These chemical messengers coordinate different functions and process essential for your survival. Unfortunately, your hormone levels may fluctuate as you grow old. The change triggers symptoms that can hold the quality of your life hostage. In that case, hormone replacement therapy will help you restore your healthy hormone levels. Notably, you will choose from different types of hormone therapies, such as oral formulations. The hormone treatment is safe, especially when administered in the right proportion.