Different types of hidden voice recorders available in the market


Do you want to gather evidence from a person without their knowledge? Then, you must use the spy voice recorder. There are various models of spy voice recorders available in the market. 

You can look here for hidden voice recorder based on your needs and budget. You can hide the voice recorders in pen, watch or even in the light switch. The technology is allowing people to listen and record the conversations without leaving anyone suspicious. It is entirely harmless. These recorders look like USB memory sticks.

On the other hand, you can also use these recorders to take notes in the classroom or record the conversation in the meeting. It is not easy for students to jot down the information provided by the teachers at the school, and the same is applicable to employees. They find it tough to note points in the meeting and use the recorder. 

The investigators do not just use these gadgets, but the professional and private people can use it for taking notes and record the conversation openly. The best part of the recorders is that you can record the audio from a certain distance. 

The Melbourne Private investigations is selling superior quality hidden voice recorder at a nominal price. You can buy this to record the evidence and conversations. The device allows you to record the audio-only after detecting the voice. If you buy this portable, lightweight, and highly durable spy product, it helps you in solving the case. 

The quality of the audio would be excellent. You can cover up the activity of recording by keeping them inside the room fresheners or modern writing pens. 

Undeniably, the spy voice recorders are useful in different situations. Be it you want to collect the evidence to prove the innocence of the person who is a defendant in the criminal case or track the employee behavior or want to protect yourself from ridiculous accusations; you can use the voice recorder. Though you can get the audio recording in the Smartphone, the quality of the audio will be poor. There other parties can detect that you are recording something. 

Uses of hidden voice recorder

  • Record interviews and conversation in the formal meetings
  • Collect evidence of abuse at home or workplace
  • When you are doing some undercover operation to expose the criminal or illegal activities
  • Record the phone calls by placing the device closer to the phone
  • Keep the verbal promises and agreement made safely in the recorder

Types of spy voice recorders

There are three different types of voice recorders available in the market. The classification is based on the size and structure. 

Voice-activated recorder

The law enforcers and surveillance experts widely use these. The best part of this recorder is that it gets activated as and when it listens to the voice. It will stay in the hibernation mode and do its job when it listens to the voice.

Miniature voice recorder

These are tiny and portable. These look alike to the USB device or a pen. The best part of this recorder is that you can find a small camera to record the video and audio of the conversation. You need to keep them safe since there are high chances of you misplacing them due to its tiny structure. 

Stereo voice recorders

These recorders possess the ability to record mono sounds. The audio is sent to multiple channels to improve audio quality. You can use these recorders to record music and an interview session. 



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