Divorce Issues and the Perfect Solutions



Any divorce is a moral test for both spouses. This is obviously normal, given that they spent years together, and perhaps raised children. Here are five tips to make the separation go smoothly.

Think carefully before starting the procedure

Divorce is the only definitive solution to end a marriage. It is therefore necessary to think carefully before embarking on this path, because it leads to many changes in your life and that of your loved ones. It is imperative to talk about it with your spouse before initiating the procedure, and to study other options that could be beneficial for the couple.

The financial (family income, wealth, etc.) and family consequences are the most important. In fact, if you have had children with your future ex-spouse, they will be the first to be affected by the divorce. They will either have to live with one of his two parents, or alternate between one and the other regularly. The use for the divorce attorney comes essential here.

Find the right advice

Once you are certain of the decision, you must turn to a lawyer, an essential intermediary during a divorce. Its role is not to defend the demands of its customers, but to advise them and direct them towards the best possible solutions. Its position as an external third party allows it to have a clear view of the situation and not to be carried away by emotions, as can happen.

Above all, one must be completely honest with the lawyer, both on the reasons for the divorce and on the common patrimony. His objective is to obtain the best possible result given the situation, so it would be counterproductive to hide certain elements from him.

Establish an inventory of common heritage

Money and common goods are most often the most conflicting points during a divorce, especially if the couple lives under the regime of universal community. It is therefore essential to carry out a precise inventory of the heritage shared between the spouses. This makes it possible to anticipate the financial consequences for everyone after the procedure.

This step is particularly important if the couple has a common real estate heritage. It is essential to have their value evaluated in order to study the options available. Either one of the spouses recovers the main residence for its exclusive use, with the agreement of the other party, or the two manage it in joint possession, or they decide to sell the goods and share the money thus collected.

Favor divorce by mutual consent

Divorce by mutual consent is the best solution. The spouses can thus discuss and separate on good terms, and the simplified procedure saves precious time. Indeed, it is no longer compulsory to appear before a family judge. The couple and their respective lawyers agree on an agreement detailing the terms of the separation. Once the writing is finished, both parties must respect a 15-day cooling-off period before signing the document. A copy is then sent to a notary for conservation.

The family judge only intervenes in a divorce by mutual consent if one of the couple’s children requests to be heard. The agreement is then subject to its approval.

Protect children

Finally, one of the main rules of any divorce is to leave the children out of the process. It is essential to disturb their family environment as little as possible, especially if they are young, and to make each decision taking into account their best interests. Divorce is not their fault or their fault.



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