Employment Opportunities in Mozambique


Mozambique has a lot of untapped potential and can provide a lot to the world.

Mozambique is an unknown country to many, but it is one of the world’s youngest nations. It is home to Africa’s second longest river, uprisings of indigenous wildlife and some of the most diverse cultures in southern Africa. The country has experienced rapid economic growth over the last few years, which has seen its state of poverty drop substantially.

The main employment opportunities in Mozambique are in agriculture, construction, mining and fishing industries.

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Labor Force in Mozambique

Mozambique is a country with an abundance of natural resources and high economic potential. It was the fourth biggest producer of cashew nuts in the world and one of the top producers of coal, cobalt, and platinum.

The country has an abundance of natural resources that are only just being tapped into. The economy of Mozambique is growing at a rate around 7% annually, which surpasses the average African growth rates. This rise in industry has led to a huge demand for labor force in Mozambique- estimated at 60%.

The Diverse Workforce in Mozambique

Mozambique has many people who are skilled in so many different fields, which is why one of the country’s priorities is to create more job opportunities.

The government of Mozambique recognizes that it needs to create jobs in a diverse set of sectors in order to satisfy the work needs of its citizens. It has made significant progress by creating better infrastructure and encouraging various industries to invest in the country.

While the country has experienced economic growth, it is still struggling with workforce participation and unemployment rates which have been steadily increasing over recent years.

Employment Conditions in Mozambique

The labour law in Mozambique is considered progressive. It provides a number of rights to the labourers such as the right to strike, receive equal pay for work of equal value, and receive safety training.

Mozambique has a significant population that lives below the poverty line. The average wage for an individual is $1/day which leads to less than desirable employment conditions for many people.

The government has also enacted legislation such as The National System on Minimum Living Standards that helps provide minimum wage standards and basic working conditions to its citizens.

What to Expect on the Job- Market Faced by Foreign Job Seekers in Mozambique

Mozambique is a country located in southern Africa. Foreigners who are looking for jobs in this country should expect to be paid well and have the opportunity to work with people from different cultures.

Foreigners are attracted to Mozambique because of its natural resources like oil, gas, gold, and coal. It’s also a very diverse place with many different cultures that foreigners can interact with in their day-to-day lives. Foreigners can expect to be paid well here and have the opportunity to work on projects with high levels of responsibility.

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