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You have every reason to trust your physician. You expect to be better, not worse, after being treated by a doctor. However, if this is not the case; if the negligence, incompetence, or recklessness of your physician has caused you more harm and injury, then you should build up a case and sue them.

Medical malpractice comes in a variety of forms. Mis-diagnosis, surgical error, and mis-prescription are just a few of them.

Some illnesses and diseases can be cured without too much pain and expense if caught early. If you went to your doctor when you first felt the symptoms of a specific illness and your doctor mis-diagnosed you, it may have led to prolonged suffering and expensive treatments. This is unacceptable and is grounds for suing the person responsible for your care.

Although it is hard to believe, surgeons operate on the wrong organs and limbs of their patients all the time. This is the height of incompetence and irresponsibility. Such an act leads inevitably to the destruction of a perfectly healthy body part, and it will force you to undergo another painful and expensive treatment to correct it.

Being given an incorrect prescription can be painful, expensive, and even deadly. If your physician prescribes pills that cause an allergic reaction, you may find yourself in worse shape than you were before. Such an act should not go unpunished.

Medical malpractice can lead to the compounding of your illness with physician inflicted injury. It may force you to spend more time in the hospital and to seek new treatments. This means time out of work and a substantial reduction in your income. You will also be faced with new medical bills—medical bills that you did not anticipate and that you should not have had in the first place.

The first step in suing the physician who has caused you so much pain, suffering, and financial strain is contacting a medical malpractice lawyer Los Alamos NM. During the first consultation your lawyer will ask you to recount the events that led up to the malpractice and the aftermath of it. Your story will be used as the basis of the legal strategy they will subsequently develop.

It is important to retain the services of a lawyer with extensive expertise and experience in medical malpractice suits. One of the first things such a lawyer will do is review your medical records. Both the physician you are suing and the physicians who later attended you will need to turn over documents related to your case. Your lawyer will also interview the nursing and other support staff in the hospital in which the malpractice took place. Inquiries will be made into the history of the physician who carried out the malpractice; and if they were not in a fit state to do their jobs, your lawyer will find out about it.

The ultimate aim of your lawyer is to get justice for you and your family. The person whose incompetence and negligence has caused you so much pain will be made to pay.

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