Get What You’re Owed After A Car Crash With A Negligent Driver


No matter where they are from, drivers can be reckless. Even motorists in Tampa Bay can be reckless behind the wheel. One example is if a person sleeps in until the early hours and gets only a few hours of sleep each night. You wake up feeling very tired the next day, and you decide to drive to work. You have to make that paycheck, right?

You should have called for a mental health day or found another route to the job site. You were driving on a two-lane highway when you fell asleep and then drifted onto another side of the road where you hit a car head-on. There are other scenarios in which you could also be the victim. Let’s take, for example, the scenario where your workday doesn’t end at midnight. You decide to drive home one night and you run into a drunk driver.

You are behind the person who hits the accelerator while they are at a red light. The person was supposed to keep their foot on the brake but they stomp the accelerator because they are impaired. Their SUV crashes into your car and pushes it into the backseat. Your ride is not only damaged but also you are subject to whiplash and pulled muscles. If they are able, there are some things that victims of auto accidents will need to take care of. This is especially true if injured parties plan to claim compensation for their injuries.

While your situation might be different, the following are the essential tasks you will need to perform to collect the money you owe from negligent drivers.

Take Pictures Of The Scene

You should first check with all those involved in a car accident before you attempt to do any other activities. You must give first aid to anyone who is injured. This is the right thing to do. You can save someone’s life by acting quickly. After you have checked that passengers and drivers are safe, it might be a good idea to take photos of the scene.

There’s a good chance your device has a camera, whether it is a smartphone, flip phone, or another type of device. Don’t go out and buy a disposable camera unit. Instead, you can use your smartphone, which is probably attached to your hand anyway to capture images that could be deemed a fault.

A Lawyer For Auto Accidents

Personal injury cases are not easy. Victims need to gather evidence and make claims that support their position. It could be dangerous to try and do it all alone. Jenkins Law has the experience and knowledge you need to represent you in an auto accident matter. Sometimes cases will need to be presented before judges or juries. However, that is not always the case.

Many times, claims are settled without going to court by our partners. But don’t worry. If this is the case, they will discuss the offer with both of you before any settlement is reached. If you and the representative agree that the amount of the injury settlement is in your best interests, you might not have to even step foot in a courtroom during the entire process. It all depends on the direction that things go.

A Few Final Words

To help your case, there are many things you need to do and not do after a car accident. You should also be careful what you post to social media. Because certain items could impact the amount you receive in compensation. You might also lose your chance of obtaining restitution if your defense attorney uses something against you.

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