If You Believe Your New Jeep Is a Lemon


Jeep is a fairly well-known American car brand manufactured by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US LLC. Jeep sells sport utility cars, vehicles for off-road use as well as more lately, pick-up trucks. Jeep cars and vehicles have come quite far since 1945 when the first Jeep became a real hero that aided thousands of soldiers during the war. During the past 75 years, the brand Jeep has become one of the world’s brands recognizable throughout the world and is one of the top cars for consumers in the United States.

Lemon Laws

Of course, like many brands of automobiles, Jeeps are not all made the same. If you buy or lease any type of Jeep vehicle and have had it brought in for repeated repairs during the warranty period, your jeep might be what is known as a “lemon” and these Lemon Laws give you certain rights. About 1% of all vehicles that are buying or leasing in many states are lemons. If you believe that the Jeep who have bought or leased is one of these lemons, you need to speak to one of the many expects inn Lemon Law who will explain what the consumer rights are to you under Jeep Cherokee lemon law assistance. You might be able to get a:

  • Refund
  • Cash compensation
  • Cash payment for your attorney fees and cost

Your Jeep is a lemon

If you have had to have your Jeep in for repairs especially of the same problem time and time again, you might want to speak to a Lemon Law Expert. Be sure when taking your Jeep for repair that you go to an authorized Jeep dealer and also make sure they accurately report your complaints in the orders for repair. Save all copies of:

  • Repair orders
  • Contract for purchase or lease
  • Current registration

All of these are important for proving that your Jeep is a lemon.


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