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Relocating to the United States and becoming a United States resident is fascinating but a dismaying procedure, especially if you are not familiar with the system. The immigration process is sophisticated and often brings impediments & snags. That is why it is positive to seek the service of a deportation defense attorney dallas tx. Are you searching for an immigration lawyer for legal help for immigration los angeles ca in Houston? Welcome to Adan G. Vega & Associates. We are Texas board-certified and committed to an impeccable ethical standard, legal merit, and quality-level of client service. Our knack spans from employment-based visa, family immigration, neutralization to asylum, deportation defense, serving clients in Houston and across the globe.

We understand you are making a decision that can change your life with that of your loved ones. So, it is essential to get it right the first time because the effect of your immigration will not only have an impact on you but on your loved ones also. And several individuals turn to experts to guide them on this journey. Get in Touch with los mejores abogados de inmigración en texas

Top 10 Immigration Lawyers In Houston

Houston is the most “international city” in the United States due to its thriving economy. The area comprises at least 9different countries, and it has shown that Houston has nothing less than “5 Downtown areas/ economic hubs.” This drives people around the globe, searching for Houston immigration lawyers that can assist them, to navigate the complicated federal system.

For this reason, I listed some of the top 10 immigration lawyers in houston Taxes.

Attorney Adan G. Vega 

Immigration attorney Adan G. Vega (713)527-9606. – Is one of the most embellished immigration attorneys in Houston. Mr. Vega has been named one of the Houston top lawyers specializing in immigration and nationality law by H Texas magazine, Bayou City Publishing, LLC. Mr. Vega owns the most prestigious immigration firm in the country. He has exemplified family and employment-based petitions before the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service(USCIS), the National visa center, the U.S. Department of Labor, etc.

Houston Immigration – Reviews

L-1A Extension Application

Golam Azam

I was so anxious about my L-1A extension but finally got the approval without an RFE. I would take this opportunity to thank Ms. Rhoda and her team for their time and professional support during the L-1A extension process, and for helping me to get the desired result. I would also like to express my profound appreciation to Mr. Vega and Ms. Zuly for their support. I am highly pleased with their expert guidance during my L-1A extension and will continue seeking their support for my future immigration needs. I would recommend Mr. Adan G. Vega to anyone!

Green Card Application

Tro Y

Excellent Service!

My Permanent Residence status has been approved finally after a little over a year of waiting. Adan G. Vega & Associates were instrumental in obtaining my green card realizing that the ups and downs of the immigration process were worth it when you hire high-caliber attorneys to represent you.

The team stood by me and my partner upon receiving requests for evidence, interview, feedback, and follow-through. It’s been quite a journey but we took refuge in knowing that we have an amazing team behind us always ready to answer all questions, transparent of the situation, and ultimately reassured us of the steps to be taken. Special mention to one of their superstar paralegals, Paloma Reyna, who tirelessly looked into our case and guided us every step of the way; Atty. Mitru explained the immigration process and accompanied us during the interview; and with the whole team who in one way or the other helped us get through this.

If you are seeking immigration services, I highly recommend the Law Office of Adan G Vega & Associates. You will get the outstanding service you paid for. Thank you for the excellent service!

* Arrived in the US on B1/B2 visa; same-sex marriage, Asians

When Do You Need An Immigration Attorney?

The reason for hiring a professional immigration lawyer are countless, whether you or your loved one need help with the application & documentation, have immigration trial/hearing are the common cases where immigration lawyers can help you infest:

  • Expedite or Rush an application-If you wish to have your application processed faster than the usual wait time? An immigration attorney can help you get it processed faster.
  • Divorce with a United States resident-If you are a foreign national and you are getting divorced before your permanent residency status is approved, you will need the service of an immigration attorney
  • New Job Offer-several companies that employ foreign workers do hire an immigration lawyer for the employees. But in the case they did not, it would be in your best interest to not risk your new employment by making mistakes that can delay your paperwork. Apply for your l1 visa usa
  • Prior application Denial-If your previous application got denied and you decide to reapply or appeal the decision? An immigration attorney is in the best place to advise you on what next depending on your case.
  • Marrying a foreign national-When you are engaged or marrying a foreign national and would like them to join you in the United States. Hire an immigration attorney to help you make the process as easy as possible.

How To Pick Immigration lawyer

Immigration application filing is very complicated and deterring, but choosing the right family immigration attorney dallas tx can make a difference. Also, it is an overwhelming procedure to select a competent immigration attorney that can handle your case effectively. Experience, credibility, and reviews can be a good starting point to know that you are working with a professional. Cost is another thing to consider, and be sure that the immigration attorney you hire has registered with American Immigration and lawyers association.