Introduction To Third-Party Claims in Syracuse Construction Site Accidents


One of the most risk-taking and hazardous vocations is that of the construction workers. They are constantly exposed to the danger of getting a bodily injury in the scope of their employment. The machines and the heavy materials that they deal with in everyday life directly translate into a high-risk factor. 

There are numerous ways in which the workers can get injured in construction activity. As an experienced Syracuse construction accident lawyerthe attorneys at Powers and Santola LLP deal with such clients every day who have incurred heavy injuries in the course of their employment and are in dire need of compensation. 

Injuries in construction work can be fatal sometimes. They, in many instances, lead to lifelong disability. This, when seen in the congruence with the piling up mountain of the hospital bills, would be a huge mess for the family of the victim. The emotional, physical and financial distress of such a family is beyond the description of any words. 

At Powers and Santola, their experienced team of expert lawyers invests all the time, effort and resources to ensure that even if the case goes to a trial, you will get the best compensation that you desire. They leave no stone unturned in preparing the case of their clients that is why they have been able to recover millions as compensation for their clients. 

What Are Third-Party construction injuries 

Anyone who is not a construction worker’s employer is referred to as the third party. this category can include people like the subcontractor, the project owner, the manufacturer, etc. the injured worker has the right to sue them when they are the reason for his injuries. Let’s discuss some of the examples of third-party lawsuits:

1- Suing the manufacturer of a defective ladder-climbing which, you got injured. 

2- Suing the one responsible for the faulty wiring which led to you getting electrocuted. 

3- The subcontractors, make an unstable scaffolding which leads to injuries. 

4- Defective design of the scaffolding which causes it to collapse.

5- A motorist striking a worker at the job site. 

In New York’s compensation, the employer cannot be directly sued by the employee even when the negligence of the employer caused the injury and the accident. Instead, the remedies of the workers are limited to the insurance policy. In such a case, if a third-party lawsuit is initiated, then the chances of getting full compensation increase. 


The workers are very susceptible to the injuries of this class. You should hire an attorney so that you get the compensation.