Pros And Cons of Dental Implants. 


People often lose one or a few of their teeth, usually because of oral health complications such as jaw disease or injuries. Dental implants are a surgical procedure that involves the installation of a device that substitutes tooth roots. It supports your artificial replacement teeth and gives you permanent results. 

If you want to know whether you should get dental implants, you should consider consulting a Fort Lauderdale dentist. They have the qualifications and experience to choose the best procedure for you. Before any surgery, you must be well-informed and understand its pros and cons. 

What are the pros of dental implants?

  • Perfect smile. 

Missing and gaping teeth affect the appearance of a person’s smile. It can make them feel embarrassed and self-conscious. Dental implants allow people to have a complete set of teeth to ensure that the patients achieve the perfect smile they want. The lack of defects in their teeth makes them feel comfortable enough to smile freely and boosts their confidence. 

  • Natural appearance. 

You may be hesitant to get implants because you fear they may look strange, or people will be able to differentiate them from your natural teeth. The advancement of dentistry has resulted in the availability of an extensive range of implants that look natural and resemble your original teeth. Your dentist helps determine every factor, such as the tooth’s color, size, and shape, to ensure accuracy. 

  • Protects your surrounding bones. 

The loss of teeth can lead to drastic bone mass loss in your jaw because of a lack of stimulation. It can also negatively affect your facial bone structure, leading to an aged look. Implants prevent your jaw from weakening and help keep them strong by preserving its bone mass. It is recommended to take quick action and get implants after losing a tooth to retain maximum jaw tissue. 

What are the disadvantages?

  • Risks: The process for dental implants requires surgery, and there may be complications such as pain, bleeding, damage to other teeth and nerves, jaw fractures, and infections. It is necessary to have an experienced Fort Lauderdale dentist’s guidance to minimize the risk. 
  • Costly: A person’s expenses to get dental implants may be high compared to other procedures. However, these are long-term investments that improve your oral and overall health. Several dentists offer affordable treatment plans. 
  • Time-consuming: Since dental implants require surgery, the procedure takes longer. They may also have temporary side effects, and the patient needs time to recover. Dental implants can take up to six to eight months to heal completely. 

While dental implants offer several benefits that can improve the quality of your life, they also have their drawbacks which you must consider before getting the surgery. The expertise and advice of a dentist are essential throughout the procedure.