Rear-end collisions in Tucson


A rear-end collision occurs when a car strikes another vehicle from behind. Such accidents can result in considerable economic and non-economic damage. A Tucson auto accident attorney can help you secure appropriate compensation for the damages sustained. In this blog, you will learn in detail about rear-end collisions, equipping you with knowledge that can help your car collision attorney in San Diego, CA, serve you better. To “learn more” about this topic and the potential legal recourse available to you, don’t hesitate to reach out for further consultation.

Who is at fault?

It depends on the specific conditions. Generally, the car at the tailing end is responsible for the collision because the drivers should drive the vehicle safely. If the car driver in the front halts the vehicle by applying brakes, the rear-end vehicle driver must adjust his speed accordingly. 

Now let’s read about injuries related to rear-end collisions.

Injuries associated with rear-end collisions

Whiplash injuries

Whiplash injury is an injury of the shoulder, neck, or upper back caused due to sudden back and forth motion. It causes stretching of ligaments and tendons beyond the usual range and thus leads to strain and tear of tissue. These injuries hurt a lot, and the pain generally lasts for several days to weeks.  

Back and spinal injuries.

Back injuries can have an impact on your entire life. One of the common problems after a back injury is herniated or bulging disc. A disc acts as a cushion between the two vertebrae and absorbs any sudden impact. But if your spine gets injured in rear-end collision, there can be a tear of the intervertebral disc and fluid leakage. Thus causing extensive pain, tingling sensation, or numbness. 

Arm and wrist injuries

Generally, a driver keeps his hands on the steering wheel, but if the driver notices the vehicle coming from the rear end, the natural tendency is to brace the arms. The stiffness of the arms and wrists causes multiple injuries. 

Broken bones

The car’s airbag can punch your chest during a rear-end collision, thus leading to a fracture of your rib bones. There can be fractures of other parts of the body.

Amputations and Paralysis

If the speed of the rear-end car is very high, your body might get paralyzed due to a severe impact on the spine if your limb gets crushed and might require amputations. Such scenarios are not only life-threatening but also life-changing situations. 


Rear-end collisions are far less devastating than head-on collisions and side collisions because the collision’s speed is comparatively much less and people sitting in the front of the car are far away.