Should You Try Your Luck With an EB5 Green Card?


It is not a matter of chance but rather that of investment when it comes to applying for a special green card. It has to do with investing some amount of money and a deadline date before which one needs to apply for immigration. So, should you try it out in order to immigrate to the United States of America quickly?

Do you have the dough?

If you are prepared to invest somewhere between USD 900,000 and USD 1.8 million, you can rest assured that you will definitely get the opportunity to apply for immigration. However, you would need to remember that once you apply for a carte verte eb5, you should apply for the final immigration before 90 days of having paid the investment amount. If you fail to do so, you will have only paid the investment amount and lost the chance to get into the United States of America for good. Nonetheless, you would get some returns on investment at the end of the day.

Would you have lost everything?

No. Not at all. Even if you invest some money, you will automatically get some returns on investment. Even though this is the quickest way to get inside the United States of America permanently, you would not lose anything even if you have not applied for immigration. You can get at least one per cent of your money back, along with an opportunity to apply for permanent residency. You should, however, keep your eyes peeled for the 90-day deadline so that you do not miss it by any chance. Your children would also be allowed to save on any educational opportunity within the United States of America.

What can you gain by doing this?

Starting from USD 470,000, your children can save money on studying at a few top universities within the United States of America. You can also gain active employment within the country and also allow your children the opportunity to work over there. You will also get the opportunity to negotiate a very high salary from your prospective employers inside the USA. Plus, you can gain the chance to get salaries so high that no one else would have been able to do so. In fact, you would be giving more Americans the opportunity to get high-paying jobs just like you. This will help a lot of people in the country, who would be thankful to you for their employment.

To sum it up

If you would like to apply for the carte verte eb5 program, then it would give you not only returns on investment but also active employment within the country having a flag made of the Stars and Stripes. In fact, your children would also highly benefit from this opportunity in terms of savings on educational investments. It is, in fact, one of the most reliable programs through which you can easily immigrate to the United States of America along with your entire family within 90 days of investing in the country. This will most certainly make America great again, and you would have contributed to it.


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