The Common Errors About Public Records Archiving


    You have probably heard the statement “We need to create and keep that record for legal reasons” at work. However, do you really know what it means? These words are usually heard in the record retention compliance sphere but not a lot of people have a full grasp of what it really means. Because of the vagueness of the existing laws regarding public records archiving, state governments are putting in new rules to oversee the rise of new communication platforms.

    These new laws provide a more efficient data retention process. However, public offices will most likely run into a few issues because of the usual misconceptions about public records archiving. Here are a few of the common mistakes about public records archiving that could be hindering improvement to your public records request-response process.

    • It is not crucial to record SMS messages
    • Government can rely on carrier networks when it comes to retaining mobile communications
    • There is a definite period of retention for mobile messages
    • Banning text messaging at work is key to compliance

    For more information about these errors, Telemessage has provided us with an infographic. Telemessage is a company that can help you set up call monitoring for corporate phones and other similar things. You can record voice calls allowing you to keep them for legal reasons in the future.


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