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Immigrating abroad is one of the most serious decisions to make in a lifetime. It is therefore in your best interest to surround yourself well. Besides the change of culture and environment, those who wish to expatriate can also encounter many obstacles, language barrier, cumbersome administration, complex laws and regulations, legal intricacies, lack of time, it is clearly not easy to set up in a new country legally.

It will then be very useful for you to call upon the services of a lawyer to properly compile an immigration file, facilitate all administrative procedures, and above all understand the different stages of legalization in your future host country. The o-1 visa lawyer gives you the benefit of his experience and his network.

As the laws are not the same from one country to another, this article will not deal with any particular case of immigration application.

What precisely is the role of the immigration lawyer?

The right to immigration is often very complex to address, and is often seen modified and updated, leading to many adjustments from an administrative point of view, but also intellectual. So these changes can have a significant impact on your application for a resident and work visa.

The lawyer specializing in immigration is therefore there to help you choose the right decision , depending on your situation and to assess all the options available to you. Each person is unique and each request also.

He is responsible for the good constitution of your file. He is, so to speak, the conductor for the duration of your request and your documents will thus be delivered to the right person at the right time.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the different reasons for hiring a representative:

You are asking for an arbitrary exemption such as asylum or a waiver which consists in persuading the immigration authorities to make an exception on your case

  • You need urgent consultation on an immigration issue.
  • Eviction or withdrawal procedures are initiated against you.
  • For lack of knowledge in the field of immigration, some could make you live an administrative hell, and thus make you waste a considerable time in the process of the procedures.
  • Some may suddenly be “overbooked” and never be available when you need them. Others will simply be only interested in your money. Contrary to popular belief, this profession is not spared.
  • Your time is precious. It is sometimes more important to spend a few extra dollars by meeting with several lawyers rather than trusting the one who appears at the top of your paper directory.
  • Use your own network and meet expatriates who have used a lawyer and obtained a visa without difficulty. Advice and feedback from others is essential information for your research.

Know how to listen and ask all the questions that relate to your specific case. Solidarity abroad between compatriots is very real.


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