The Law About Age Of Consent In Michigan


The law of consent, or Romeo and Juliet Law, is created to prevent sexual activity in young adults. During that age, young adults are curious about the concept of sexual activity. But as it is a serious decision to make, a person can’t give consent before their legal age. Before that legal age, a sexual relationship is offensive and a crime, with or without permission.

What Is The Age Of Consent In Michigan?

16 is the age of consent in Michigan. Thus, a person under the age of 16 cannot consent to any sexual activity. It is a legal offence for someone to have sexual conduct before 16. If someone did so, they would be charged with statutory rape or third-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Why Should You Know About This?

The age of consent or the Romeo and Juliet law is a non-negotiable rule. In which a person can experience physical intercourse after reaching a certain age. So, it is one of the most important rules we should all know.

As teenagers grow up, they develop a sexual urge to explore. But this is a rule a person should always respect and follow. So, you should know that you are not allowed to give or ask for consent before the age of 16 in Michigan, and in many countries, the age of consent is 18.

In Which Circumstances Age Of Consent Is Not Valid?

There are some exceptions when a person’s consent is not valid even after reaching the appropriate age.

  • If a person is under drugs or alcohol, the consent is invalid.
  • A physical or sexual relationship with the family members is considered a sex crime, and the consent rule is invalid.
  • It is punishable if someone is forced or threatened with money (Economic Coercion).

What Are The Punishments If Someone Goes Against The Age Of Consent?

If someone goes against the age of consent law 750.520e(a) and is charged with statutory rape, there are many penalties.

If the victim is under 13, the offender has to go through imprisonment. Based on the situation, the court will decide the span of imprisonment. The average years of incarceration are 15 years or more.

Imprisonment is not the only thing; the sex offender will be charged with massive fines and will register as a sex offender and have a permanent criminal record. Sexual harassment is not unforgivable by any person or the court.


Before engaging in sexual conduct, you should know these rules and their consequences. And if you have gone through any sexual assault, don’t hesitate to take professional help or legal action.