The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall 


The law office davenport fl is a team of accomplished criminal lawyers with combined experience that spans over two centuries (i.e. 200 years). The firm employs ten (10) defense attorneys that limit their practices to representing those accused of violating the criminal and motor vehicle laws of New Jersey. The majority of the staff are former prosecutors, including members who have served at the highest levels in the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office, for example, as Director of the entire Trial Division and Major Crimes Bureau.

About Jonathan F. Marshall 

One of the leading legal experts at this law firm is Jonathan F. Marshall.  Known as a managing partner at the firm, Mr. Marshall has considerable 

experience under his belt as he often appears at the Monmouth County 

Superior Court and Federal Court to help clients defend a wide range of 

legal cases. As long as honest, detailed, and unwavering representation in 

Monmouth County is concerned, you can always count on Mr. Marshall. 

Having dedicated more than 25 years to defending people accused of 

different crimes, Mr. Marshall has the experience, skills, and versatility 

required to defend any charge that you may be facing. He specializes in 

defending cases related to assault crimes, domestic violence, drug 

offenses, white-collar, sex crimes, weapons, and theft offenses. Even if 

you are accused of another criminal charge in Monmouth County, 

Jonathan F. Marshall is always here to competently defend you. 

Over the past years, Jonathan F. Marshall has built great credentials as 

one of the top lawyers in Freehold, New Jersey. In fact, he is someone 

whose name and credentials are well known throughout the state. 

Impressive Qualifications That Count 

Apart from his impressive academic qualifications, his experience is 

another major factor that makes a leading lawyer in the county. He has 

consulted with television and newspaper and made appearances on News 

4, CBNC, CN12, and lots more. Besides, he is consulting on Law and 

Order. All these work experiences have not only improved his knowledge, 

but they have given him opportunities to work in different legal settings 

and areas. As a consequence, he is more than capable of working with 

various individuals for an array of legal representations. 

He has been a member of the Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in 

New Jersey since 2008 to date. Therefore, he is fully licensed to provide 

exceptional services to everyone that needs representation for any 


Without a doubt, Mr. Marshall has an outstanding knowledge of the 

criminal justice system in Freehold, New Jersey. As a result of this, you 

can rest assured that he knows proven and reliable ways of attacking any 

criminal charges that might have been levied against you. 

Contact him now 

Don’t take unreasonable risk if you have been charged with an indictable 

criminal offense (i.e. first, second, third or fourth degree crime), 

disorderly persons offense or serious traffic violation. Contact a criminal 

defense attorney who is highly skilled, trusted, and has a long track 

record of success. Jonathan F. Marshall and his team of lawyers are 

available at to help 

you reach the very best outcome in your case.