The Power of Integrative Medicine on Your Overall Health


    Integrative medicine is a modern and advanced healthcare approach that combines various therapies to personalize your treatment. The Upper East Side board certified in integrative medicine specialists at TaraMD use both conventional medicine approaches and Traditional Chinese Medicine to stimulate your body’s natural healing power necessary for faster recovery. If you have any queries or doubts about this treatment approach, your specialist can address them during consultation.

    An overview of integrative medicine

    Integrative medicine focuses on your general health and well-being, not just your illness. While it seeks to identify the root cause of your health condition, it evaluates your body, mind, and spirit. Integrative medicine believes that your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being relies on each other, and if one is neglected, it can affect your general well-being. The TārāMD works closely with you to identify an approach that considers your immediate health needs and the factors influencing your long-term well-being.

    Types of integrative medicine

    Integrative medicine combines the following approaches to optimize your results.

    Conventional medicine

    Conventional medicine is a scientific approach that focuses on diagnosing, treating, and preventing illnesses. This approach largely depends on pharmaceutical drugs and minimally invasive surgery to address medical disorders. Conventional medicine is a multidisciplinary care approach consisting of specialists from different medical fields who work together to ensure your overall wellness. Although this approach is popular, many criticize it for addressing the symptoms instead of the underlying cause.

    Alternative medicine

    This approach encompasses various healing practices outside of conventional medicine and relies on contemporary care approaches and Chinese medicine. Approaches under alternative medicine include naturopathy, herbal medicine, chiropractic care, and acupuncture. These therapies focus on connecting your mind and body to promote relaxation and minimize stress, which can, in turn, alleviate chronic pain and anxiety. This treatment approach focuses on the underlying cause of your discomfort rather than treating your symptoms. Although alternative medicine lacks enough scientific validation, it is an indispensable complement to conventional medicine, especially when pharmaceutical medications prove futile, and surgery is not the best option.

    During your appointment, your doctor will discuss the available integrative medicine approaches and their risks and benefits before developing a personalized care plan.

    Benefits of integrative medicine

    Integrative medicine combines the scientific approach of conventional medicine and the holistic approach of alternative therapy to improve your health. One of the upsides of this treatment approach is a personalized treatment plan. When customizing your care plan, your provider considers your spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being, which can result in better treatment outcomes. Another benefit is that integrative medicine focuses on preventive care. Integrative medicines work closely with you to detect potential health risks and develop a preventive care plan which may include stress management techniques, regular exercise, and dietary modifications. Taking a proactive approach to your wellness can lower your risk of developing specific chronic disorders such as endometriosis and cervical cancer. Alternative medicine approaches like meditation, and acupuncture can significantly reduce stress levels, improving overall health.

    If you have a chronic disorder or have a family history of the same, call the TārāMD office or book an appointment online for integrative medicine treatment approaches.