The Value of Notifying the Police After a Pedestrian Accident


Accidents involving pedestrians can be fatal or cause severe injuries. Nearly 6,000 pedestrians died in road incidents in 2017, according to the National Highway Road Safety Administration (NHTSA). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 130,000 pedestrians sought emergency department care for injuries sustained in auto accidents in 2017. If you are in a pedestrian accident, it is crucial to respond quickly. One of the first things you should do is report the incident to the police. You can learn more here about how to deal with the entire ordeal.

  • Providing Safety

The safety of all parties should always come first following an accident. By dialing 911, you can be sure the police will immediately investigate any potential injuries. They can also assist with traffic control and accident avoidance.

Additionally, reporting an accident might assist authorities in finding any dangers or risky junctions that may need extra care or safety precautions.

  • Taking Legal Action

Additionally crucial for legal reasons is reporting an accident to the police. A police report’s paperwork might serve as substantial evidence if further legal action is required. This can entail making an insurance claim or bringing a lawsuit against the party in charge of the accident.

Without adequate records, establishing liability or showing the costs associated with the accident may be difficult or impossible.

  • Coverage Claims

You might be eligible for compensation for your injuries and other damages if you were hurt in a pedestrian accident that was the fault of another person. You will need the appropriate documents, such as medical bills and reports describing your injuries, in order to file an insurance claim.

What Details Should You Include?

Several details should be included when reporting an incident involving pedestrians:

  • Location: Be sure to provide the specific streets, roads, or highways where the incident occurred.
  • Date/Time: It is important to note exactly when something occurred.
  • Interested Parties: Names and phone numbers of all parties, including witnesses, should be provided.
  • The car’s model, color, and number plate number of the involved automobiles are included under the vehicle description.
  • Injury/Symptom Reporting: If someone was hurt or experienced symptoms (like whiplash), report them fully so that everyone involved will know what sort and how serious they were.

Get Qualified Legal Assistance

It is essential to report a pedestrian collision as soon as possible to protect everyone’s safety and yourself legally from additional issues like insurance claims, etc. Furthermore, you should also look for an experienced attorney and speak to them as soon as possible.