Tips To Increase Your Chances of H-1B Visa Approval 


An H-1B visa enables you to work in a professional field in the US and even apply for a permanent residency. This type of visa is one of the most popular nonimmigrant visas due to its flexibility and relatively low requirements. However, it may still be challenging to get your hands on one since the competition is at an all-time high. 

It can be stressful to handle all the legal paperwork and ensure that you are doing everything right. Moreover, so much misinformation online can add to your confusion. The best way to make sure your visa application process runs smoothly is by hiring a Dallas business immigration attorney and H-1B visa lawyer. Meanwhile, here are a few tips you can use to increase your odds of securing an H-1B visa.

Tips to increase your chances of H-1B visa approval

  • File the petition as soon as possible. 

While it is nearly impossible to file first before everyone else, you should still try your best to be among the very first applications. You must try to submit your application as soon as the window opens in April. 

Any petitions filed before that time or petitions sent after the closure of the windows will be rejected. You usually only have five to seven days’ time, so make sure you are prepared in advance. 

  • Only apply once. 

You might think that submitting more than one application will increase your odds of being chosen, and you might be right in theory. In practical terms, not so much. It is true that there are no laws stating that you cannot file more than once, but there are certain limitations. 

For example, if an employer submits two applications for the same employee, both of them will be rejected. It is better to play safe and apply only once. 

  • Submit proof of the employer being reliable. 

One of the common reasons H-1B visa applications get rejected is unreliable employers. The person to sponsor your visa must be a reliable employer. They must file all of their tax returns, and they should provide bank statements showing that they are capable of paying you the prevailing wage. To understand your chances of success, you should check if their previous H-1B sponsorships had been successful.

  • Double-check the information. 

Visa application processes in Dallas can be complex, and it is easy to make a mistake in between the chaos of so much paperwork. It is indeed a stressful time, and one can easily overlook important information. Check if signatures are in the right places and if the information is correct. An error or omission can result in delays or rejection.