Top 20 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney


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When it comes to legal practices, it has a vast area of specialization, so overwhelming that you can get a lawyer for anything including on “injury cases”.

Well, it may be a surprise to those who are not familiar with the legal profession, but surely, there is a lawyer for it. And they are called Personal Injury Attorney

Those practicing this kind of legal profession and as well as others prefer the title “Attorney” to “Lawyer” because it has more dignified and professional overtone.

So, whether it is a personal injury lawyer or a personal injury attorney, do not be confused, they all perform the same function in this case.

Furthermore, we will try to look into who is a personal injury lawyer Metairie LA, what they do and essential reasonsyou need to hire them.

Who is a personal injury attorney?

An attorney is someone of the legal profession who can represent a client in the court because he/she is licensed and qualified to do so.

Then, a personal injury attorney is a qualified legal practitioner that can represent an injured person in court.

As well as provide them with legal assistance to help them getfinancial reparation to make up for the treatment, pain inflicted, and other damages the injury might have cost.

Their legal aid covers injuries that affect the mind, body, and emotions such as wrongful death, workplace injury and other bodily injuries, accidents, defensive product claims and others.

Emotional injuries can be loss of companionship, emotional distress, otherwise known as mental anguish, and other forms of pain and suffering.

As you must have understood who a personal injury attorney is and what they are capable of doing, that will make you see reasons why hiring them is of great benefit.

Below are more in-depth reasons you should hire one;

  • To help you access claims

Most personal injury attorneys are familiar which such cases, as it is what they experience almost every day. 

Which they are in the best position to tell you if your kind of injury claim is worth pursuing or not through legal actions after weighing the liability, the damages and others.

If there is an opportunity of winning the case, then he can go further, but if not, he will let you know the reasons you have to allow it to go.

There is no need in taking up a case that is more likely to be futile, time-wasting and also results inunwarranted cost.

  • Makes you understand your rights

A layman doesn’t know much about the legal profession, and the power he has over some situations and cases like this.

That is where a need for a personal injury attorney comes in, as he/she will be able to explain what rights you have over such claims.

Though rights over injury claims can change with location, as it is not the same with all states, therefore depending on your state, your rights will be made known to you.

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  • Investigate your claims

They will help you with investigating your demands, as that will provide them with enough evidence to use against the defendant. 

Most of the time they work with investigator teams who are experts in this field and will require you provide them with firsthand information concerning your injury.

Also, some other vital requirements are needed such as medical and police reports, a statement and interviews from the witness etc.

It will now be left for them to visit the scene of the incident, and carry out other necessary investigation to that effect.

  • Represent you in court

One of the major works of an attorney which includes a personal injury attorney, without them, you can still presentyour caseto the court, but with them, they will defend you the better.

So if your case wasn’t settled earlier enough by your company’s insurance representative, assuming it’s a workplace injury, the injured through the help of the attorney files for a lawsuit.

They may accept the claims or not, but if they deny it, your attorney will commence with the next line of action if he/she is professional in that field.

  • Reduces Stress for you

Filing for a lawsuit in the case of a personal injury is not always easy, especially when you do not know what process to follow.

The stress you acquire running around for this will even impact more pain on you, and in the end, you may not also achieve much.

But when you hire a personal injury attorney, he/she helps you oversee these processes and handle other vital matters, so that you will have the time to heal

  • Provides you with better assessment

When it comes to personal injury, most attorneys are not only concerned about the present or physical harm. 

He sees it from a different and professional perspective, as he considers other long term effects the injury or accident can cause his client.

In some cases, you will need an actuary to measure the risks and uncertainty of the extent of the accident on the victim, such as those that might cause disability.

With this, you are sure of getting a better settlement.

  • Provides effortless legal processing

The legal processing becomes less cumbersome and stress-free when you hire a professional attorney for your injury case.

They are already conversant with the process and can make it easy for you.

They do not only help in getting the necessary forms, filling and submitting them, or sourcing for the right documents.

They also help in other rigorous litigation processes to make sure the client is satisfied, like in the case where the claims by the victim to the insurance company is null.

  • Fasten the litigation process

Processes involved in filing for a lawsuit is very frustrating, and not only that, it requires a lot of time and energy.

And irrespective of all your effort, the case may take months without resulting in anything positive, most times the insurance companies are the ones who delay such cases.

As they believe that the delay will make you worn out, and readily accept any offer that comes your way even if it’s far less than what you want.

But when you have a personal injury attorney, they can help you fasten such processes, as they are familiar with such tactics, and resolve everything before the deadline.

  • Easy access to medical treatment

Getting medical treatment when you are involved in this kind of case is always easy if you are financially buoyant enough to take care of it.

But in some cases, where you don’t have money for the treatment, your attorney might recommend a specialist for your kind of injury or accident.

Though there has to be a possession of property or any other equal alternative; this is to make sure that you would pay later.

Personal injury attorneys are familiar with this case, so they know doctors that can help with which kind of injury, even if you are confused with the sort of treatment to receive.

  •   Gives professional advice

As a novice in legal cases and how it operates, it is required and seems right to have an authorized person such as an attorney that will guide you to the right steps.

He is responsible for explaining complicated legal terms.Makes you understand the significance of the paperwork involved in the case.Will alsogive you a piece of professional advice, when there is a reason to.

  •  Gives you confidence

When you do not have the necessary backup, especially in legal matters, you are likely to lose your faith and lose interest in the case.

The lengthy legal processes, the constant showing up for the cases and other things can discourage you and make you believe you can’t win the case.

But with the help of an attorney, you can achieve better, build your confidence and wouldn’t settle for less because you have a reliable backup.

  •  Motivates you

Your level of confidence can either motivate you or demoralize you. One of the things that a personal injury attorney does.

They do not only build your confidence but motivates you as well; their motivation is what keeps youpushing further.

Legal practitioners are optimistic and make you have faith in having the case in your favor; and being the victim, that is one of the encouraging things you need to hear as well.

  •  You pay when you win

In most legal cases, whether you win or lose, you are to pay in full whatever amount that you are liable to pay.

But in the case of personal injuries, most attorneys will allow you to pay when you win the case, and the insurance companies pay for the damages.

Nevertheless, I know that you have to pay for other side fees that aren’trelated to the attorney’s services.

  •  Have better experience

Personal injury attorneys are more experienced in this field much more than you do. And they do know the processes and tactics that will yield the right result.

They can go as far as working with other legal practitioners to get reasonable facts and documents.

Most of them also work with insurance companies, so they know their strategies and can easily use that in your favor.

  •  Helps negotiate settlement 

Professional personal injury attorney makes sure you do not settle for less, once you are on the right track.

The intimidation from the insurance company or the defendant or the frustrating processes involved can make you think in that direction.

But when you have them, they make you receive reasonable payment for the damages and injuries within the shortest possible time.

  •  Higher settlements

Most insurance companies or even the defendant, who is aware of how this operates, try all you can to settle the case outside the court.

They know that hiring an attorney will require them to pay higher, as he will calculate both the long term effect and the impact of such incidence.

And due to that, they might talk you into not getting an attorney and probably would give you reasons why you shouldn’t, as that makes things easier for them.

  •  He speaks on your behalf 

As the attorney knows the tactics uses by these insurance companies as earlier mentioned, so they can talk on your behalf when they want to communicate to you.

Most times, the conversation is not private, and if you are not careful about your choice of words, it could be “your words against yours”.

But the attorney knows already the right things to say to avoid you from getting into trouble.

  •  Provide inner peace

The kind of peace of mind you get in this situation arises from the feeling ofknowing your rights are in order, and everything will soon turn out well.

It puts you at ease, makes you relax and take care of yourself to heal well, because, you know someone is working for your sake.

  •  Yourstakes are higher with them 

Most assuredly, you are in for a win when you hire a personal injury attorney for your case. That doesn’t mean you can’t win the case without them.

But with them, your chances are high; the probability of losing or settling for less is very low. 

As they will use their experiences and knowledge to make sure you rightfully get what you desire in terms of compensation.

  •  You can’t do without them

During filing a personal injury lawsuit, it is strongly advised not to so without a personal injury attorney.

You can’t do without them, because they possess experiences and skills that will make you scale through the legal processes, which you couldn’t have ordinarily done on your own.

And whatever fee you pay them, it’s worth what you will gain in the process.

Personal injury attorney helps the injured or the victim in much better ways that he/she may not expect. Without their experiences, knowledge and strategies, it wouldn’t be possible.  

So for anyone involved in such cases, maybe, getting an attorney will help you in some areas you can’t help yourself.