Top Reasons Why You Should Seek Midwife Services


Pregnancy is one of the vital stages in human life. This phase begins with conception, where an egg and sperm fuse. Consequently, the fertilized egg develops in the uterus to form a baby. While it is exciting to expect a new life, women usually experience many body changes. Some changes can trigger symptoms that hold a pregnant woman’s quality hostage. For example, they can experience headaches and leg cramping, hindering their capacity to perform everyday tasks. Fortunately, with quality pregnancy care from a certified nurse midwife Jackson Heights, NY, you will have nothing to worry about during your pregnancy. Below are reasons why you should consider midwife services.

They Improve Birth Outcomes

During their pregnancy, women are eager and anxious about the outcomes of this period. They fear whether they will give birth through induction and vacuum assistance. However, seeking midwifery care minimizes the need for those procedures during pregnancy. Notably, midwife services boost women’s capacity to attain full-term gestation, thus reducing the chances of an epidural. Further, many newborns whose moms use midwifery have a healthy birth weight.

They Operate in Many Settings

Midwives offer their services from different settings. Home birth, hospital births, and birth centers are some setups for midwifery care. These multiple options imply that you will benefit from midwifery care in the location of your choice. Your provider will advise you on the best choice depending on the progress of your pregnancy. For example, if you have any bleeding down there during pregnancy, it is recommended to visit your midwife’s birth center.

Midwives Offer Women Care

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about midwives? Many people think that midwifery only entails pregnancy and birth care. While focusing on holistic women’s care, midwives can also conduct well-woman care. For example, they can perform annual pap smear exams to check symptoms of cervical cancer. Further, your midwives will educate you on different family planning techniques after your six-week visit.

To Get Customized Care

You may think that midwifery care is one size fits all, but you are mistaken. Although midwife care models differ, they have a foundation in personalized care. Your midwife will offer services based on your health needs and the stage of pregnancy. During the prenatal visits, your midwife will guide you on dietary changes depending on your body weight. Therefore, irrespective of the number of pregnant women, the midwives treat each mom uniquely.

Midwives Have Excellent Training in Normal Physiological Birth

The maternity care approaches depend on the provider’s educational background and training. For example, midwives’ training inclines to normal physiological birth. This training instills in the providers that birth is a normal and biological process. As such, midwives facilitate birth which unfolds in the safest possible mechanism without interfering with the normal process. They will only offer medical intervention when it is medically necessary.

During pregnancy, women encounter many body changes. Some of these changes can interfere with an individual’s capacity to conduct daily activities. Therefore, when expecting a new life, seeking pregnancy care from a certified midwife is good. Midwifery will help boost the outcomes by lowering the chances of giving birth to a baby with an extremely low birth weight. Through midwifery, you will also have an array of options that address your unique needs optimally. Another good thing about midwives is that they focus on natural birth processes, reducing the need for C-sections.