Types of Product Liability in New Jersey City


When a product doesn’t work as expected, you often get the facility to exchange or return the product, but what if that product causes injury to you. It sounds scary, but incidents like this do happen. But product liability can save you because you can hold the manufacturer or retailer accountable for the injury and seek compensation with or without the help of the Jersey City personal injury lawyer who knows defective product law office great falls mt. In this blog, you will learn about types of product liability.

Design defect

Sometimes the manufacturing of the product is fine, but the design is defective. As a result, it affects the entire chain of products and not just a single product. A car with a heavy top can lead to the flipping of the car. So this is an example of a design defect. You need to prove the following things to claim for design defect-

  • The design of the product is harmful 
  • The manufacturing of the product is as per the norms
  • Making the proper design was cost-effective
  • The user was using the product as described.
  • The alternative design would have made the product safe. 

Manufacturing defect 

In this case, the manufacturer commits a mistake while assembling the part or manufacturing a product. So a particular product becomes defective and not the entire batch of product. For example, if welding of the parts of the car is not proper, it can cause weakening of the vehicle. You need to prove the following things to claim for manufacturing defect-

  • That manufacturer sold the product.
  • The plaintiff got injured due to the defective product.
  • The defect was significant enough to cause injury to the plaintiff.

Warning defect / Instruction

In this case, there is an issue with the guidelines or instructions given along with the product. Warning labels are present in the product’s outside packaging. You need to prove the following things to claim for warning defect-

  • There were no warning instructions.
  • The instructions were not very clear or had mistakes
  • The warning label was readable due to small fonts or colours.


If you ever face any injury due to a defective product, you should seek compensation because it is your right. So gather all the proofs and file the complaint so that you get the due payment for the loss incurred due to medical bills, lost wages and other expenses.