What Differentiates between a Civil and Criminal Lawyer


When it comes to hiring the services of a criminal lawyer, you should rest assured to search for the one who is different from the one with whom you have dealt with recently concerning your will, purchase of a house, or whom your family member visits when he or she gets involved in a car accident. These are civil lawyers, whereas, you need someone who specializes in the criminal arena.

Your best bet in such a situation would be to look for the Law Office of Matthew V. Portella, LLC. They would be able to handle your specific criminal case handling needs in the best manner possible.

Understanding the difference between civil and criminal attorneys

A criminal defense lawyer would practice independently or in small partnerships. They may also work in a specific geographical setting. On the other hand, the civil attorney would work in a large corporate law firm having branch offices in several cities.

There would be personality differences ranging between civil and criminal lawyers. Most differences would account for some variances. Nonetheless, the biggest aspect would be the different nature of their work.

The big firm civil lawyers would represent various companies that do business all over the country or the world. The criminal lawyers would represent people having local problems.

The big firm civil lawyers would continue having legal advice and representation. The individual criminal defendant would be a single-player with sporadic or non-recurring legal requirements.

The private defense lawyer would be having numerous years of experience working for the government before looking forward to venturing into private practice. You could be either a prosecutor or a public defender.

Hiring a local criminal lawyer

It would be pertinent that you should look forward to hiring a local criminal lawyer to meet your specific needs. The local lawyer would beeasily accessible to handle your case in the courthouse where your criminal case is pending.


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