What Is Age Consent?


The law states that one under the age of 16 is not allowed to perform sexual activity. In some countries, one is said to be minor until they turn 18 years old. But the age of consent in Michigan to perform sexual activities is 16 years. If you actively take part in it, you are said to be found guilty of statutory rape. 

Things Applicable To Statutory Rape

  • The other individual involved is around 13 years old.
  • The other person is 13 but below 16 years, and the perpetrator belongs to the victim’s household or is related by blood. 

The Penalty Of Criminal Sexual Conduct If The Felony Falls In The First Degree

The felony has to go through a lifetime of imprisonment. The minimum prison term is around 25 years if the victim is below 13 years. There is no chance of parole if the victim is below 13 years and the offender is at least 18 years old. 

On Michigan’s Sex Offender Registry, the defender must register as a tier 3 offender if the victim is 13 years old but not 16 years old and is younger than the offender by at least four years. 

If there are any other criminal activities, the offender can also be sentenced to electronic monitoring for the rest of their life.

The penalty of criminal sexual conduct if the felony falls in the second degree.

The offender falls under second-degree offense if they engage in the non-penetrative sexual crime under the falling conditions.

  • The other one is not 13 years old. 
  • The other person is around 13 years but hasn’t turned 16 years. 

The lifetime imprisonment lasts for about 15 years. 

Some Specific Statues Include 

  • Prostitution is a condition where one engages in the services of another individual. They are less than 18 years and don’t have any spouse relationship. When one is found guilty of prostitution, they need to pay a fine of $10000 or need to stay in prison for around five years. 
  • Human trafficking is a condition where people force individuals less than 18 years old to provide or obtain any means of sexual activities. A felony conviction is a punishable offense where one needs to pay $20000 as a fine or need to stay at least 20 years in prison. 

You should connect with expert lawyers if you or your loved one is accused of any crime.