What is the actual meaning of hit and run?

What is the actual meaning of hit and run

What’s a hit and run accident? As you think of hit and run, do you envision a car speeding through a red-light signal, hitting a person on foot, and running away from there? There are hit and run accidents in which a person is physically hurt, but many hit and run Tampacases involve somebody hitting a parked car and zooming off.

All drivers on the road must realize the severity ofthe hit and run Tampa. It could bring a lot of damage to others and cost you your driving license.

Hit and run definition

If your car hits somebody, and you decide to run rather than staying at the accident location, it is seen as a hit and run accident. Usually, while a person hits somebody with his/her car, they get out of the vehicle to see the damages. They must call the cops right away after the accident; if it is not done, it is seen as a criminal offence.

If a person only damages a property with their car, then the hit and run will be viewed as a misdemeanor. But, if the accident entails injuring another individual, you would possibly be accused of a felony hit and run.

Steps to take if the accident just entails property damage

Although no one is injured and the possessor of the property is not around, you still require to take responsibility. If the property owner is around, then both of you have to remain at the accident location and get a police report documented. This way, you would avoid any kind of hit and run charge. Hire a reputed hit-and-run accident & injury lawyers/attorney St. Petersburg for such cases.

Here are some steps that you can take after causing property damage:

  1. Get out of the car and check the damage on whatever was hit. Contact the police right away if somebody is injured.
  2. Click pictures of the damage.
  3. Make a note of the vehicle’s model and license plate number.
  4. Note down the address or location.
  5. Stick a note having your details to the damaged property if you cannot find the possessor of that property. The note should have your name, contact number, license plate number, and email address.

6. You might also need to document a report with your insurance. If the possessor of the property asks for compensation for damages, your insurance policy might cover it.