Cancer is one of the most deadly medical conditions that may occur both in the United States and throughout the globe, which is a tragic reality. According to statistics from the National Cancer Institute, the United States sees roughly 2 million new cancer cases each year. Each patient’s prognosis is determined by a range of circumstances, including the duration between diagnosis and treatment or the kind of cancer detected.

Cancer treatment may be pretty stressful on the body. While facing cancer, a person may be unable to work full-time. Cancer patients might be qualifying disabling medical conditions in Arizona if they have a range of malignancies. 

According to the information provided in this section, cancer patients may be qualified for Disability Benefits Insurance & Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

The Federal Government Compensates Handicapped People: A Cancer Screening Exam

Cancer is one of the listed disabilities. Disability Determination for Social Security Benefits: Listing 13.00 includes all types of cancer (malignant diseases) and their symptoms (Cancer). Disability benefits from the Social Security System are available to people living with cancer who fall under this categorization. 

You will not be eligible for disability benefits if you are diagnosed with cancer, on the other hand, right away. It is customary in cancer cases to get Social Security disability benefits in the following ways:

  • Severity/Duration:

A cancer diagnosis qualifies a patient typically for Social Security disability benefits if the treatment is likely to last more than a year or if the disease is predicted to result in death.

Patients who are diagnosed with cancer may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits, as previously indicated. This is true regardless of the kind of cancer they are suffering from at the time of their diagnosis. The Social Security Administration’s evaluation standards, on the other hand, often assume that a person will be able to continue working during their cancer treatment period, since cancer treatments are typically expected to be completed within 12 months of the date of the test.

Of course, the facts of the issue must always be taken into account while making a decision. In some instances, an applicant may be qualified for benefits if their cancer is recurring, spreading, or has been determined to be incurable.

  • Eligibility Requirements 

You must also fulfil specific financial and legal requirements to be eligible for SSDI/SSI benefits due to cancer. The Social Security Administration will reject your disability benefits if you make too much money, regardless of how bad your cancer is.

The Medical Evidence Provided By A Disability Claimant Is Critical

The cancer-related disease must be documented in full medical evidence in order for you to be eligible for Federal Disability Insurance (Social security disability) or Helped Put Income (SSI) payments. Writing doctor’s visits is crucial to filing a successful disability claim. 

To file for SSDI or SSI benefits resulting from cancer, you need to consult with an experienced Arizona Social Security disability attorney who can address any issues you may have about organising your medical documentation.


Disability lawyers in Arizona are committed to aiding clients in receiving and retaining their social security payments if they become disabled. Some legal specialists can provide you with answers to your questions about whether malignancies qualify for disability or SSI benefits. 

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