What kinds of cases does a civil litigation attorney manage?

What kinds of cases does a civil litigation attorney manage

Types of civil cases

The major disparity between a criminal case and civil litigation is that in civil cases, one or both parties are looking for money or another kind of compensation instead of criminal charges. On the whole, the prosecution in criminal cases shows the condition in which the trial is happening. However, in civil cases, both the parties represent themselves, with the backing of a civil litigation lawyer Gainesville GA.

Below we have listed a few common types of case to show in a civil court:

  1. Torts

It is a civil case type wherein one-party claims that another party hurt them physically and emotionally. Such cases can take various forms and link with an individual’s safety, financial security, security of their property. Common torts cases associated with an injury and accident include assault or battery cases and negligence cases wherein one-party claims that a caregiver didn’t perform their allotted duty.

  1. Complaint against the city

Complaints against the federal administration or city are usually sorted out of court, but in the case that the government rejects to settle, the complaints are usually tried as civil cases. There are many other kinds of civil cases, and at times a civil case would follow up a criminal case that has had an adverse result for the trial. If you deem that you might have ground for a case, give a call to the best civil litigation attorney in Gainesville, GA.

  1. Property disputes

Property law entails disputes regarding property possession and damages to an individual’s property. There are various kinds of property disputes that acivil litigation lawyer Gainesville GA might deal with. Property line disputes are common ones, wherein one-party claims that a neighbour crossed the property line boundary between their two houses for construction or planting.

  1. Contract disputes

They happen while one or more parties who signed a contract or will not meet their requirements. Occasionally, this is because of an agreement written in unclear terms that build different expectations in the signers, but generally, it is because a party overextends itself and does not have the money or workers to meet their requirements. If you deem that you might have ground for a case, give a call to the the best llc attorney.

  1. Class action cases

These cases are the same as torts; just the prosecution in these cases represents a class of individuals who have all been harmed by the same thing. These are common in harmful material and faulty product cases.

Also, it is important to know what the different stages of civil litigation are so you can keep your rights and be well informed.