What to know about family law ?


Laurence Mayer is a specialist in Family Law. She holds a Doctor of Law degree from the University of Paris. Under her belt, she has over 30 years experience in Family Law, Property Law, and Personal Law. Although Attorney Laurence Mayer is based in Paris, she is willing and able to handle international clients.

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What is Family Law ?

Family law, also referred to as the law of domestic relationships, deals with matters which concern divorce, adoption, surrogacy, child abuse, juvenile delinquency, child custody, and paternity determination, among others. Attorney Laurence Mayer is a specialist in family law. She can represent clients in family court proceedings and also in mutually arranged family negotiations. The definition of what constitutes family law is specific depending on the jurisdiction of the court handling the case. Therefore, if you are not sure whether a particular legal matter concerns family law, or if you need further clarification, feel free to get in Ms Laurence Mayer, international attorney in family law.

Reasons to Hire Attorney Laurence Mayer : what to know ?

Since family law deals with matters involving related family members, it is important to have a lawyer with broad experience to help separate emotions and facts of law. Attorney Laurence Mayer is a trustworthy legal professional who clearly appreciates the family dynamics involved in domestic cases. More importantly, attorney Meyer seeks to understand her clients so as to ensure their interests are adequately represented during the whole legal process.

There are times when family law matters are handled without pursuing court proceedings. That is when family members seek to meet and find common ground to resolve domestic disputes. Attorney Laurence Mayer is able to help with family negotiations. Her expansive knowledge and practice of family law helps to assure clients that decisions made will be fair, sound, and legally informed. Choose to have attorney Laurence Mayer on your side, and you can count on her world class skills to work in your favor.

Matters Related to Family Law

The five most common reasons why people hire a family law attorney are divorce, child custody, child support, paternity determination, and adoption. However, family law also interacts with other legal fields such as criminal law. For example, in matters involving domestic violence and child abuse, the police may file criminal charges on the perpetrator while the family court deals with the victims to ensure they are protected in a safe environment.

Choose Laurence Mayer -International Attorney of Family Law

Attorney Laurence Mayer takes time to listen, recognize, and acknowledge the gist of the matter brought before her. Although legal matters are often stressful, attorney Mayer helps her clients see the key points from an objective viewpoint. She makes sure that her clients interests are vigorously protected and professionally presented at every stage of the case. She can handle international divorce, inheritance tax, matrimonial property, and child abduction cases. In addition to family law, attorney Mayer also handles personal law and property law matters.