What Types Of Lawyers And What Are Their Responsibilities


A lawyer is a certified professional with a license to represent legal matters. Lawyers, also known as advocates or attorneys, need to have a Bachelor of Law (LLB) undergraduate degree followed by a postgraduate degree and complete Practical Legal Training (PLT). The best lawyer in Michigan states that Lawyers are life-savers as they save victims from crimes and allegations. 

There Are Many Types Of Lawyers; Let’s See A Few Of Them

  • Criminal Lawyer

With an increase in the crime rate every year, the demand for criminal attorneys is also increasing. A criminal lawyer defends the accused of a crime and proves the assailant. 

Responsibilities Of A Criminal Lawyer: 

  • Investigating and analyzing the case while examining the victim and assailant.
  • Discover new ways to prove the crime and pull out justified outcomes. 
  • Protect and negotiate if the client is proven guilty. 
  • Family Lawyer

A family lawyer deals with complicated relationships and family issues. Precisely a family lawyer resolves any problems in the household like divorce, child’s custody, and abuse. 

Responsibilities Of A Family Lawyer:

  • Get a clear picture of the family’s bonding and disputes
  • Aid counseling and legal guidance
  • Settle alimony and ensure equity
  • Paying attention and choosing the best for child’s custody 
  • Civil Rights Lawyer

Laws come into existence to protect humans from physical and mental damages. Any civilian facing issues or is not allowed to use their right can reach out to a civil rights lawyer. A civil rights lawyer must protect the rights of humans. 

Responsibilities Of A Civil Rights Lawyer:

  • Perform thorough research about the case.
  • Recheck all the rights and laws before concluding.
  • Negotiate settlements if proven faulty. 
  • Employment Lawyer 

Workspace politics and concerns everywhere. But any incidents leading to destructive arguments need to be solved by employment lawyers. The best lawyers in Michigan say that things might not go well with the employee and employer and vice-versa. Employment lawyers settle problems in the workspace. 

Responsibilities Of An Employment Lawyer:

  • Unveil any hidden flaws in contracts.
  • Uncover the truths to find victims.
  • Make legal agreements appropriate.
  • Take care of legal proceedings. 
  • Tax Lawyers 

A tax lawyer usually monitors tax payments in the organization. Along with that, they also provide financial advice and apply every law listed recently. Registered organizations need tax lawyers to look after the accounts and taxes to maintain economic health. 

Responsibilities Of A Tax Lawyer:

  • Pay taxes on time.
  • Look out for any tax law updates.
  • Calculate economic risks and stay prepared. 

So, these are a few types of lawyers and their responsibilities. No matter who the lawyer is, the goal is simple: justice to the victims.