When Do You Get a Default Divorce?


A couple can seek divorce for various reasons like domestic violence, blackmailing, or even sexual abuse. Usually, before filing for the divorce, the person should make a formal complaint about the divorce, stating a specific reason that the court can acknowledge. 

Since most partners might hesitate to sign the divorce papers due to emotional factors, the person seeking divorce might have to get in touch with Connecticut Divorce Lawyers. The latter can offer help when there is no cooperation from a partner for the dissolution of marriage. 

Commonly, a divorce cannot be taken lethargically by a partner since it can come out of the blue with no warnings. Although your partner might seem disinterested in a divorce, if you still want to come out of the marriage, the court can pass a special order.

Getting a default divorce:

Suppose your spouse does not respond or sign the divorce papers you sent them earlier within a specified period. In that case, they are most likely to receive a default divorce ordered by the court. The further procedure regarding the divorce may continue despite the respondent’s presence during the process. Usually, the respondent might voluntarily not sign the divorce.

Although the default divorce may bring certain advantages and ensure that the divorce procedure is handled smoothly, some downsides may arise easily. In case if your divorce attorney had tried to go ahead on the case without letting the respondent know about the default divorce, and when the respondent finds out, it may complicate the case further. 

Additionally, any dishonesty in a person’s approach towards getting the divorce may also impact the case. Apart from that, if a default divorce is handled in the right way, time and money could be saved since there would not be any unwanted terms contested by the respondent, resulting in lesser court costs and legal fees. The divorce will also be provided soon. 

Therefore, you are advised to respond to divorce papers sent by your spouse since failing to respond to it may result in default divorce notice where you would not be able to fight for child custody, property division, or even child support. Hence, contacting an experienced and trusted attorney at the earliest when seeking a divorce or in a divorce case is recommended to get divorced legally without any complexity.