Why do you need a pedestrian accident attorney?

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Being a pedestrian comes with many risks, especially when walking or running near traffic. Even if you obey all traffic signals and walk defensively, a negligent driver cause a life-altering pedestrian accident in an instant. After getting hit by a car, your life may never be the same again. You could suffer severe injuries leading to disability, lost income, and enormous medical bills. The driver’s insurance company will try to lowball you on your claim or deny compensation altogether. An experienced pedestrian accident attorney levels the playing field and helps you recover fair compensation. 

Legal knowledge of pedestrian accidents

Liability laws in pedestrian injury cases aim to determine who was at fault and owes compensation. These laws are complex, varying by state and situation. An attorney understands how to build a strong liability case by gathering evidence and eyewitness statements to prove it.

  • A driver was negligent, such as driving while distracted or failing to yield.
  • Accidents are not caused by human error.
  • The driver violated traffic laws or ordinances.
  • The roadway was unsafe or lacked proper pedestrian features like signals or crosswalks.
  • The vehicle had defective parts like faulty brakes.

The lawyer uses liability facts to convince the insurer or court the driver or other party was entirely at fault. It simplifies your claim and helps maximize compensation.

Pedestrian accident claims valuation

  • All past and future medical expenses 
  • Lost wages and reduced earning capacity 
  • Costs of rehabilitation, assistive devices, and in-home care
  • Loss of enjoyment and companionship
  • Emotional distress 
  • Disfigurement damages like scarring
  • Punitive damages if the driver was grossly negligent (e.g. drunk driving)

Your lawyer maximizes your payout by calculating all current and future accident costs. 

A lawyer negotiates with insurance companies

After a pedestrian accident, the negligent driver’s insurer likely contacts you quickly offering a low settlement. But, you should avoid talking to insurers without an attorney present. Insurance reps are trained negotiators who use recorded statements to twist your words against you. A lawyer deals with the insurer for you and leverages liability facts to demand full compensation. They convey that litigation is imminent if the insurer does not pay fairly. Experienced Utah Pedestrian Accident Attorney knows how to achieve top-dollar settlements from insurers eager to avoid costly litigation.  

An attorney handles litigation if necessary

If the insurance company denies your claim or makes an unacceptable offer, your pedestrian accident lawyer file a personal injury lawsuit. 

  • Drafting the complaint articulating your damages and legal claims
  • Gathering evidence like accident reports, medical records, and expert testimony
  • Taking depositions of the defendant and witnesses
  • Presenting persuasive arguments in court
  • Examining witnesses at trial 
  • Delivering powerful opening and closing statements

Your lawyer’s litigation skills pressure defendants to pay maximum compensation before trial. But if necessary, they litigate aggressively before a judge or jury. Pedestrian accidents turn your life upside down. Between severe injuries, insurance negotiations, and managing household responsibilities, you have enough to worry about without handling a claim yourself. A lawyer lifts those burdens, so you focus on recovery. Leave the calls, paperwork, evidence gathering, negotiations, and litigation to your attorney. They navigate the complex pedestrian accident injury claim process while you heal, rest, and let your body repair itself.


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