Common Types of Allergies to Watch

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Have you been experiencing a reaction after eating certain foods, taking certain medications, or after exposure to other allergens like cold or pollen? You should consult your care provider because you might be experiencing an allergic reaction. Some allergies – Sheepshead Bay might not be serious, while others might be life-threatening.

You should therefore consult your care provider after the emergence of any symptoms such as swelling, itching, or redness. You can find relief from allergic reactions and resume your daily chores upon seeking the right treatment. Below are some of the common types of allergies you might suffer from.

Drug and medications

Reactions to certain medications are quite common and are of varying degrees. For instance, a person may experience swelling after taking certain medications, while another may experience a rash. Others also experience difficulty breathing after consuming certain drugs or medications.

Examples of drugs that cause most allergic reactions include aspirin, antibiotics, chemotherapy, anticonvulsants, and monoclonal antibody therapy. Your risk of developing a drug allergy increases when you continuously take the medication. You can also develop an allergic reaction if the drug you are allergic to touches your skin or is injected into your body.

Food allergy

Most food allergies usually begin during childhood, but some can develop during adulthood. Some foods that cause most allergies include peanuts, fish, tree nuts, and shellfish. It would be best not to confuse food allergy and intolerance because they are different.

Food allergies occur when your immune system treats proteins in food as dangerous. As a result, it produces antibodies to help fight the proteins, thus resulting in an allergic reaction. Allergic reactions to food can be life-threatening, and you should consult your care provider after you note any symptoms.


You can find latex in gloves, rubber, condoms, toys, balloons, and rubber bands. It is commonly produced from rubber trees and later mixed with chemicals during manufacturing. You should note that most people with latex allergy also suffer from another type of allergy.

For instance, some people with latex allergies also suffer from vegetable and fruit allergies. You can therefore be allergic to tomatoes, bananas, chestnuts, or avocado, especially if you are allergic to latex. Your condition may worsen with continued exposure to latex.

Seasonal allergy

Some people cough or sneeze during certain times of the year. You might be allergic to either cold or hot weather. The most common type of seasonal allergy is cold allergy. During certain times of the year, trees bloom and produce pollen.

Exposure to pollen grains might also cause an allergic reaction, especially during spring. Others may experience a seasonal allergy during summer when there is dust. Some can also suffer from weed and ragweed allergies.

The safest way of preventing an allergic reaction is to avoid contact with the allergen. Some types of allergies are not serious, while others, such as food allergies, are life-threatening and should be treated as a medical emergency. Don’t be ignorant, and ensure you seek medical help with the show of the first symptom.

If you are experiencing an allergic reaction, you can schedule your appointment at New York Medical and Vascular Care today and find relief. The care providers focus on providing symptomatic relief because no allergy cure exists. Consult your care provider immediately if you start experiencing itching, running nose, sneezing, swelling, and redness.


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