Things to Look For In an OWI or DUI Lawyer


Say you have been intoxicated, and a series of bad decisions have led you to drink and drive. You might have an OWI (Operating While Intoxicated) or DUI (Driving Under the Influence) charge against you. What do you do now? The next step, and probably the most important one, is to find an OWI lawyer in Eau Claire, WI, who would help you get out of the charge. Or, at the least, minimize the punishment.

But hiring a dui lawyer Senatobia MS is a hassle for anyone without prior experience. If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, here are some things you should look when deciding to hire a lawyer:

  1. An excellent track record

The average cost for a lawyer in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, is a whopping $144 for an hour. The number only increases with expertise.

A DUI lawyer may be the sharpest in town or even in the state, but they may jeopardize the case if they possess a record of malpractice or have been penalized by the State Bar. Judges are not fond of attorneys who have questionable ethical backgrounds.

However, there is an easy way to find the background of your lawyer. The public has access to the disciplinary records of attorneys in the state. You can search the State Bar website to check their data for a comprehensive picture of the lawyer’s experience.

  1. Experience and Knowledge of DUI cases

You can choose a lawyer with any specialization to defend yourself against an OWI or DUI charge. However, if the lawyer does not have extensive knowledge or expertise defending similar drunk driving cases, it may not work out in your favor.

Experienced lawyers know how to work their way around getting you an acquittal or at least reduce the penalty as much as possible.

  1. Good communication skills

Good communication skills are crucial in any legal profession. After all, language has a lot to do with how the involved parties perceive the case, and you. A competent DUI lawyer, or any lawyer, must be more than just familiar with the law. They should also be excellent communicators and orators.

Presentation is critical in every legal case. A lawyer with excellent communication skills will be able to explain and defend a case in the most concise manner possible.

  1. They need to be local

There may be lawyers in other states or cities who are far more skilled than local ones. However, a local attorney will be better acquainted with the local court that would hear the DUI case. They will most certainly know the judges and district attorneys. Such connections may be vital in a case and in acquiring a better sentence. A local lawyer is especially useful when they enjoy a good reputation in legal circles.

To sum up

Finding an OWI lawyer in Eau Claire, WI, is fairly straightforward. However, finding one that suits the requirements of the case and ensures a reduced sentence may be tricky.

Hence, ensuring they have a spotless track record, appropriate experience in defending similar cases, and good communication skills is crucial. Most importantly, it helps to have a local lawyer since they would know the ins and outs of the local law and court!